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  1. YES. And don't forget the Wailers! (Being a Washingtonian who lives in California, I have some serious pride in my state's musical roots) The Troggs definitely deserve some credit for being proto-punk as well. It should also be noted that Crime's "Hotwire my heart" single came out around the same time as the first Ramones LP did and the only way it can be described is as "punk as fuck." http://youtu.be/0ApgnE2RK3w As for Sound Opinions, I think these shows where DeRogatis and Kot talk about old albums/important musical movements are just their way of taking advantage of the show and talking about their favorite tracks at length, instead of just dedicating a moment or two in their "Desert Island Jukebox" segment. Sadly, the tracks they chose are always the most played out jams possible and never as exciting as "Hotwire" or the Pagans' "Six and Change" http://youtu.be/2QW5jByT_YQ
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    Guest suggestions

    I second Jon Daly
  3. Finally, Besser is talking about music! I've been waiting for this as he never seems to want expand on things like his old zine, etc. First off, Wire wasn't punk? What about this jam: -- Ex-lion tamer or this: -- Mr. Suit Wire was a huge influence on bands like the Minutemen, whose first albums are undisputeably punk. As for describing bands like Talking Heads and Television as new wave, there are two things to remember: 1. Bands like the Talking Heads and Television were considered "punk" not just because they were playing CBGB's, but because they were also among the first bands to be featured in the uber-influential Punk Magazine, started by "Please Kill Me" author Legs McNeil. 2. New Wave was a term invented by Sire mogul Seymour Stein in order to re-package these punk bands since the word punk had such bad connotations (Stein himself has said that he found the term "derogative" -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seymour_Stein) So just because there was a concerned campaign to ensure bands like the Talking Heads, Television and Devo were listed as "New Wave," they could also be described as punk too.
  4. All of Episode 38, especialyl Juggalo Baby sitter and uni-poops
  5. Episode 10 (Horatio Sans, Andy Daly and Joe Wengert) -- the scene about hookers selling their bellybuttons and the one about the mother bird being obsessed with Jets Episode 11 (Seth Morris, Sean Conroy, Tim MEadows) -- the scat deck of the JAzz cruise
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    Guest suggestions

    Matt Gourley and Jeremy Carter from SuperEgo!!!
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    Episode 35 — I Fixed It!

    Dear Matt, What I want to know is what was the title of your punk zine?! I would love to read it! Were you in Arkansas at the time? Were there punk bands in Arkansas? Or was it when you were in Chicago? I could see you being a fan of Naked Raygun.. Or were you more interested in the Touch and Go post-punk stuff, i.e. JEsus Lizard, Tar, etc...? Sorry to be a music nerd and inundate you with questions but I... ummm, have no life...
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    Atheism and negative reactions

    I think anybody who writes "bro" in a serious letter to someone they don't know should be ignored, no matter what the subject. Frat boys have nothing to contribute.
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    Southland Tales (2006)

    This is the one quote that needs to be read from the FAQ: Is 'The Power' important for understanding Southland Tales? "Not really, but it explains why the tattoo of Jesus on the back of Boxer's neck starts bleeding at the end of the film. This means that Christianity has won the "contest" for Earth and is the one true faith." Holy crap, never going to watch anything by Richard Kelly ever again.
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    Guest suggestions

    I'd also second Jon Daly (his work on Comedy Bang Bang as well as his own stuff is just genius) Also, I'd love to hear Lennon Parnham and Jessica St. Clair with Sean Conroy! That is my dream episode
  11. I remember reading that the inspiration for RZa's 'Bobby Digital' came to him while he was smoking sherm, which apparently became a drug of choice for RZA. Here are some excerpts from the Tao of Wu where he discusses those days: On becoming the superhero called Bobby Digital, splitting his identity, and permanently relocating to LA: "I hung out in the hood in South Central, puffin' weed, smoking sherm sticks, taking mushrooms, kicking it with the Black Knights [...]. I was teaching them Mathematics [the Nation of Islam's system of religious numerology] but also exposing them to my lifestyle--they were living the life of a hip-hop star through me, but they didn't have a record out." From his LA base, the RZA/Bobby Digital became a class-morphing jet-setter: "One day you're at [his ex-wife's] home in New Jersey having dinner with your family--which I tried to keep together. The next you're in L.A., staying in the Presidential Suite of the Chateau Marmont. You got pounds of weed, bottles of sherm, and you're about to go out with a club with five girls. They're all yours, baby, and two of them are sisters--and I don't mean black girls, I mean siblings." Eventually, the Bobby Digital thing got too weird even for the RZA: "I definitely took that game to the extreme. I took it to the point where I was getting ready to roll out at night on some Green Hornet shit: had a suit built for me like the Dark Knight's--literally invulnerable to .45 bullets and knives--had that Suburban, which I called the Black Tank, made AK- and bombproof up to government-security-level standards. I even had a butler almost ready to act as my Kato."