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  1. https://soundcloud.com/jabbaduhut/my-little-plugs-wav Oh my little plugs I want to be with you.
  2. http://soundcloud.com/joel-franklin/bounce01 I tried this one a while ago, but since it didn't go up I guess it was not good enough, but since on last podcast you said you don't have any more plug themes I'll try this again.
  3. I have two yet to be played. I just posted hell yeah today and load me with your friggin plugs about a month ago so I wasn't sure if I needed to post on this thread or not. My name is Joel Franklin. http://soundcloud.com/jabbaduhut/hell-yeah and http://soundcloud.com/joel-franklin/bounce01
  4. joel1492

    Hell Yeah

    all instrumental again http://soundcloud.com/jabbaduhut/hell-yeah
  5. It goes to show no blows to beaus hits hos mo than rows of rodeo bozos
  6. joel1492

    The 5 senses

    Taste the clean crisp air Feel the warm soothing sun See the beautiful view Smell the clean baking sidewalks Listen to comedy bang bang and forget about all the rest of that shit
  7. joel1492

    I'm gonna lick it

    soundcloud link is http://soundcloud.com/jabbaduhut/joel-im-gonna-lick-it
  8. ALL voices done by me as well as everything else except for the drum machine. rough lyrics: I see you down there at the edge of the bar Sucking down soco not going to far You're turning down all the guys that you see But baby there's no turning down me I'm gonna lick it and you're gonna like it (x4) I follow you baby cause you are a star Take a ride in my Benz it's a company car It runs great girl and is in perfect tune But I think that you need some servicing soon I'm gonna lick it and you're gonna like it (x4)
  9. joel1492

    Load me with your friggin' plugs

    here is a soundcloud link if the other link doesn't work. http://soundcloud.com/joel-franklin/bounce01
  10. All real instruments. BOUNCE01.mp3