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  1. Drunk Verne Lundquist

    Episode 163 — A Big Bowl Of Luck

    A lot of this gets very inside baseball, but it is fun to read the Second City oral history book, and to find Jeff Garlin mentioned as not having been much of a performer, having mainly worked in the box office department, but then saying as the final wrap performer in the book that he owed his Big Bowl of Everything in Life to Second City, but now, via Sklarworld, he owes the same Big Bowl of Everything in Life to Larry David. What's he on, his Second Life? What's next, he learned everything he every learned in life from Stanley Myron Handelbaum?
  2. Drunk Verne Lundquist

    Episode 127.5 — Sklarbro County 32

    In view of the sports connection, I propose that the Sklars refer to their guest, from now on, as "Arm Bar Superstar." Get the XFL back, put him in a jersey with the name on the back - "Arm Bar Superstar." The marketing opportunities!
  3. Drunk Verne Lundquist

    Episode 124.5 — Sklarbro County 29

    Something about how unforced, genuinely engaging this County was made it brilliant, one of the best ever - I hope I don't develop a lifelong facial twitch from listening with such antic facial grimacing as the foil Federman was led on such a twisted ride.
  4. Drunk Verne Lundquist

    Episode 123.5 — Sklarbro County 28

    On behalf of all East Coast college football fans, I demand a Sklarpology - Jason Sklar :"Boston College - is that, what , Division 1A"? Campbells, is that a soup or something? The Taj Mahal - that's like a house, right? Willie Mays - he was a professional baseball player? You played with Paul McCartney - he's a singer?
  5. Drunk Verne Lundquist

    Episode 101.5 — Sklarbro County 6

    Kind of miss T.J. Miller's drunken (he seemed to sober up as the show went on) intro to "Sklarbblor cluntry," but there is no ad more jarring, stupid, and venal than Dyspepsi's "Next." The Sklars bring their A game each and every county/country, yet have to associate with this hideous advert for chemicalized sugar water -
  6. Drunk Verne Lundquist

    Episode 95 - Bench an Engineer

    One of youze got "Tabula rasa"'d by Eisen, who had noted a distinct Sklar "tabula Rosa" early in the 'view, and stuck the correct "booyaa" version it in a couple of times. Cold! Great podcasts, even this one with a dude who has a modicum of talent, then wastes it in being a mouthpiece for Roger Goodell. Get the ESPN biographers in, James Miller - you know that would be the best Sklarboro ever...
  7. Drunk Verne Lundquist

    Episode 85 — Sklarwood Luncheon 2012

    Great stuff, though after the Ken Burns full-on sidesplitter, I was taken aback by the real Dale Murphy and his eight kids and the 19th hole banter. Two questions: 1. Why is Verne Lundquist actually permitted to be on televesion? I imagine his pre-game research to be looking at "Leave it To Beaver" episodes. Worst announcer, ever? 2. The "Inside the ESPN" book was so good, yet so bad - Sklars were in there, though not for much. Sklarboro should go all hall-of-mirrors and fourth wall and interview the author.