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    Trapped in the Closet

    YES! i came on to recommend this movie myself. My roommate and i stumbled upon this the other day, fucking genius! Unintentional? most likely, which is right up hdtgm's ally.
  2. dantheman87

    Episode 35.5 — Minisode 35.5

    anyone notice that lance bass and joey fatone arent good singers.
  3. dantheman87

    Episode 35.5 — Minisode 35.5

    Am I really going to punish my brain by force feeding it "on the line"? yes *edit 35:13 minutes into the movie best line so far At a cubs game scene, lance bass's friend announces to the crowd that he is the man from the news paper. A woman then leans over and replies to lance "Oh, that's so romantic. I have a daughter". Quickly Joey Fatone asks the woman "Oh, yeah? Does she eat meat? and immediately takes a huge munch out of a hotdog!
  4. this movie is sooooo corny it hurts. from the balloon seen, to tom cruise hitting him self in the face twice, this has to be the worst of the series. I dont understand why people enjoyed it so much?
  5. dantheman87

    Santa Claus Defeats The Martians (1964)

    haha true, but its the mystery of how he does it!
  6. dantheman87

    Episode 32.5 — Minisode 32.5

    im on the fence, im dl right now, but idk if im going to watch it....... but thats what i said about "leprechaun in the hood", and now i recomend that to all my friends and family!
  7. dantheman87

    Santa Claus Defeats The Martians (1964)

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Claus_Conquers_the_Martians http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0058548/ this movie is sooooo bad
  8. i LOVE this movie. The acting is terrible, the sets a terrible, everything is terrible. Thats why this movie is FUCKING AWESOME. You want to see people eating food in pill form, enslaved mars Santa and the most amazing child actors ever then GO AND BUY IT!
  9. dantheman87

    Episode 31.5 — Minisode 31.5

    Milk and Cookie Scene ! My favorite part of the movie was the "cookies and milk scene". For reasons unrelated to progression of plot of even the singe scene, Jack Gramm (Al Pachino) asks the other men in the scene if they would care for a cookie. Then asks who would care for a glass a milk, calls his secretary asks for 3 glasses of milk (there are 4 men in the scene and only one has taken a cookie) Frank Parks (William Forsythe) responds "nothing for me Jack" (again 4 people, 3 drinks?) causing Jack to say to his secretary "Shelly bring in two glasses, NO make it three. Maybe you'll have a change of heart." (WTF change of heart on what? wanting milk? The man is an adult.. why would he lie about wanting milk?) So after he orders the milk they begin to talk about a case from the previous night and how it relates to the serial killer he is investigating. The attorney general then begins to try and poke holes in Jacks case against Jon Forester's (Neal McDonough) case. Then right in the middle of the tensest part of the scene Jacks secretary walks in proclaiming "Milk Maid!'' (my favorite part) She then walks in to a very awkward pause, looks at the men, walks to the table and places the milk down in walks out in complete silence! Its 19 seconds of DEAD AIR. nothing is said, just awkward looks as if to say "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE, AND WHY IS THERE MILK!" I just love this scene, there is absolutely no reason for the"cookie and milk" dialog to be writin into the script. It doesn't progress anything, doesn't even serve and a devise for a character to change subjects, leave the scene or anything! Its just an awesome 19 seconds of awkward milk tray holding silence!