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  1. BudCurtis


    My wish for $100 is for Jason and Scott to fly to Juneau, Alaska and do a live CBB from our convention hall. This will also mean you'd have to fly up Andy Daly and PFT as additional guests or else Jason and Scott will spend the entire time talking about what great charity ideas they have and have to explain all the rules. Our convention hall can seat several thousand and there is a big CBB/comedy in general crowd up here, so that will cover the trip or else its just be a write off for you guys. But I'm tired of having to keep flying down to Seattle and Portland to see you guys.
  2. BudCurtis

    Episode 2 — The Jack Special

    AHHHH! Aukerman just said the new episode was going to drop. Need more Owen v TJ.
  3. BudCurtis

    Twisted (2004)

    Agreed. OMG, thank you. More evidence why I literally hate this movie. Seriously, she's going to get drugged a couple more times? I mean you can't even ruffie a person that many times without them going, "huh!?" I know from experience, except that's not true.
  4. BudCurtis

    Episode 154 — Finger Guns

    Wow! I was surprised to be listening and laughing along to hear next "this next submission is from Bud Curtis, let's hear what Bud has for us..." Gotta love 'Licky Sticky!' Full version can be found here: http://soundcloud.com/bud-curtis in either disco or funk format. The Song is actually performed by Noah Walden and produced by Brin Addison of Guilt Monkey. I know Saucerman is not a big fan of a majority of the JJ submissions, but I was glad to hear them almost make it through the first verse. I think they would have liked it more had they listened to more, but that's usually how Jukebox Jury goes. And hey, getting a "Pants/Mustard" from Autobot is not too shabby at all. And from Noah, Brin and myself, we are all just glad to be part of the show. Fantastic episode! Love the Wompler. The Richter/Wompler episode slayed me, but this episode actually topped it! Celibritards are out tonight!
  5. BudCurtis

    A Thousand Words

    Boogie in your butt!?
  6. BudCurtis

    Color of Night (1994)

    A classic horrible movie. Even more completely insane than 88 Minutes, I Know Who Killed Me, Trespass or Twisted. I can already hear Mantzoukas yelling "Why is this happening!?"
  7. BudCurtis

    Dreamcatcher (2003)

    This movie is awesomely horrible. I just remember the helicopter that crashes off camera and all you hear is the sound of the crash and some debris, with some fake smoke. What? Were they over budget at that point? Wasn't it suppose to be some major plot point like where Morgan Freeman dies or something? But they can't even show it? But they can have fully rendered idiot looking CG aliens, no problem.
  8. Britney licking Lindsay, Lindsay liking Nicky, Nicky licking Britney.... Celebritards are out tonight! They flash their asses whiter than white! Just like daughter, just like dad, Lindsay's out of rehab! Here comes the paparazzi Britney! Let me show y'all where the good lord split me! Choose between the funk version or the disco version. Which is better? Funk version: http://soundcloud.com/bud-curtis/licky-sticky-funky-styling Disco version: http://soundcloud.com/bud-curtis/licky-sticky-disco-grooving
  9. BudCurtis

    Twisted (2004)

    Hey guys, I watch every movie before listening to each podcast. Love the show. I see you have a bunch of fantasticly awful suggestions already, and I'm sure you have more than enough material to continue the podcast forever, but you truly haven't seen a horribly made movie until you have seen Twisted. This comes in at 2% on rotten tomatoes: http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/twisted/, and is in their top 10 worst of all time. It's one thing when you watch an indie movie that's low budget and simply misses the mark, but when a big budget Hollywood movie fails in such a big way, it's another. I originally watched this not knowing it was so awful. This movie is so bad in every single aspect of film making. The story is probably the stupidest thing ever scripted and all of the agents for Judd, Jackson & Garcia need to be fired. After seeing this movie I didn't react with the whole ironic "this movie is so bad it's hilarious!" reflection, but I was seriously upset and pissed off at how fucking retarded it was. I seriously had to go seek help and consolation while the whole time crying, "but it's just so stupid..." Would LOVE to get your take on it. Oh, and hey Mantzoukas, this movie not only fails in Comedy, but also Film and Cinema!