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    Episode 100 - Jad Abumrad, Radiolab Creator

    'Hey, so, Jad, why is it that since you got that grant your episodes have ... let me just check my notes here ... not explained much science ... asked shitty questions ... done virtually no research to back up anything ... and just flat out aggregated entire episodes (and not very good ones) from other radio shows? Isn't that weird? Is it because you no longer have that one plagiarist around to give you ideas?'
  2. Unportant

    Episode 127 — LIVE from Bridgetown 2013

    The issue isn't the "audience randomly interjecting", I think that the unique chemistry of Who Charted is so damn fragile that even the presence of a bunch of people laughing just throws the whole thing off. A stage show just works differently than a studio show, and the things that make Whooch great (primarily the emulsions of Howard's subconscious) are just completely disrupted when it's done live. I'd ask why they're still doing these things, but I think Kulap's already at the breaking point, and changes are probably already under way. Either they stop doing the live shows or just start doing a completely different type of show on the stage. What they've been doing so far is just unlistenable.
  3. Unportant

    Episode 156 — Anniversary Party!

    PFT's the best, but it was a relief to keep him out of this one. His chemistry with Scott has evolved to the point that he's a corruptive presence on these supershows. Those two join together to form one big self-satisfied asshole that stinks up all the oxygen for the other guests. Also, this show proved that Kroll is only capable of being funny if he's allowed to contribute within the first five minutes.
  4. Unportant

    Episode 149 — Live from SXSW 2012

    I haven't complained before because the guy is immensely talented, but after so many recent appearances I'm beyond Adomian overload. The guy's unbelievable at saying things in character, just not so great at saying anything funny (I'll be generous and say he's worth two laughs a show). And again, I get the talent part, but I don't get the popularity and constant booking. There's no other recurring comic who bores Scott more, and no one else has managed to drive off more guests in the middle of the show (2 by my counting, but I haven't been able to listen to most of his appearances all the way through, so that could be low). I'm trying not to be mean, but James needs to get back to the farm leagues to develop a curveball or something ... and change his damn portrait.