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  1. mabobon

    Swing Time

    Agree so much - I Hate musicals, but really enjoyed the songs in these movies (well, except for that 2nd Cowardly Lion song...like, just pointless). Same with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which just amazes me all the time (again, despite true hatred of live-theatre-musicals). And yeah, Penny is such a great character and Ginger Rogers is just... ridiculously great in this nonsense movie. Also, I have to admit, I didn't catch the "Lucky Penny" thing until my co-watching friend pointed it out - at which point I became the Jason of my group, and said "Fuck you, movie".
  2. mabobon

    Swing Time

    My friend and I hated this movie sooo much - I just have a lot of trouble doing Paul's "eh, I'll just let the whole thing wash over me" thing, when there are plenty of films that don't need that excuse/perspective From moment one, just Everyone's an asshole, Pop being just weirdly terrible at most moments, just straight up revealing the fiancee thing to Penny (which made me cry while laughing), the Insane laugh-ending...just... Ugh. My friend was like, "Shouldn't This be on How Did This Get Made?" and I kind of wish it was. Oh, also, no one Needs to defend the past with, '...but that's what was acceptable at the time', because there has Always been people who were not onboard for all forms of terribleness, historically - especially some black performers at the time, who would've preferred to Actually be on that stage instead of a (very talented) white guy
  3. There are just... Too many layers - is Hollywood Handbook now switching to Stitcher Premium? -Were the contract details in the last episode true? Or just a joke that they'd be ''trapped" doing this show that they hate? - Has the show actually ended, and this episode was just an offering of what's available under their Stitcher Premium episodes? - Was the asking for questions last week just another element for the joke - Whatever that joke may be? -Will any of these questions be answered simply by waiting until next Tuesday? Thannnnks
  4. mabobon

    EPISODE 216 — Optogenetics

    I don't know which is The Best - all the creative output for Christ High by Kyle, or David's ...feedback? Regardless, can't way to hear more (and good job with the impromptu harmonizing, David!)
  5. mabobon

    Episode 201 — Dog Rescue

    It's kind of disheartening when someone who hosted the GLAAD awards (and made clear points about discrimination against bisexuals), and people who are friends with that person, seemed to be either pretty unaware regarding consideration of "little people"...or just dismissive of that in order to make really hacky jokes.
  6. mabobon

    Episode 191 — Kyle and His Mother

    She got it! After all that self-doubt, the harmonies sounded amazing
  7. I totally agree- I just think that (and I think this might have been covered on this podcast at some point), while the satirical bent on that show is really enjoyable/interesting if it's accepted as such, it could also just be seen as repeating/reinforcing stereotypes, despite the intent, to people either "not getting it", or it maybe not being as effective as a satire as we might think. Guess I was pulling an Andrew Ti and trying to give this racist producer's racist body of racism a leg to stand on ("a hot asian guy's! That'll make it okay!").
  8. Much like watching any episode of 2 Broke Girls, I had to stop listening to this episode of the podcast after all of the "justifications" for racist acting, writing, marketing, etc. It's Always Sunny isn't perceived as "less racist" when they use racism in their jokes/guest characters because "it's cool"- it Is perceived as racist, And they make funnier (to me) jokes. It doesn't matter how many non-whites you have on a writing staff, or in the ensemble- if the shit is racist, it's still racist. Make better jokes/a better show (I don't know how, or what that would necessarily be), and it would go down a lot easier.
  9. mabobon

    Episode 101 — Cars

    The accents are racist because, of all the types of voices that the people of those ethnicities/race have, you use The stereotypical voices, which have been historically used to put people of those races down (in media/life). Also, just because you think it's okay -or if someone of the race being imitated thinks it's okay- doesn't make it not racist. It's still racist. It can also be funny, and a useful tool to switch between characters on a podcast. It's really not up to the person who isn't offended/doing the voice to decide how not offensive it may be, because all you/that person would be saying is, "Well, I'M okay with it- so why should anyone else Not be okay with it?" That said, if someone is offended, and you're not sure why, just ask- if they've been subjected to any racist treatment ever (and they probably have), they'll have something more to say than, "Ehh, I don't know. It makes me feel funny?"
  10. mabobon

    Episode 132 — Where Are You From?

    I usually respond with, "New Jersey". Then the person says, "Oh, that's not what I meant" Then I get to say, "Yeah, I know." I'm not a part of your human safari!
  11. mabobon

    84- Live in New York (w Ira Glass)

    You know who didn't win this episode? That loser Oggie (who is also named...Oggie).
  12. mabobon

    Episode 79 — Elections

    Need that song, ASAP!
  13. mabobon

    Episode 8 — Making Black Friends

    If you have to keep saying, "Yeah, no, you know I'm not racist..."- you're probably absolutely definitely racist.
  14. mabobon

    Episode 60 — Quantum Physics

    Haha- Oh my God. I had to close the tab after the seemingly fifth time- "Sooo, is that...I mean...do I have the gist of it? ...How do LED's work again?" Another vote for, at the very least, Not overtalking/interrupting guests you invite to the show.
  15. mabobon

    Episode 78 — G the D a C

    Um, 6 minutes in and a Super specific X-Men reference? Sold. (Here are my zero dollars)