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  1. It's under the Howl paywall now, but for those of you who may not have heard, actor/comedian Steve Rannazzisi recently admitted that he made up a story about working in the south tower during 9/11, fleeing the building once the north tower was hit: Steve Rannazzisi, Comedian Who Told of 9/11 Escape, Admits He Lied It may or may not be of any interest to any of you, but he told this fabricated story on episode 72 of Sklarbro Country. Pretty unique in that it will always be a part of the Sklarbro backlogs. I can't imagine Rannazzisi is the first person to embellish a story on a podcast, but the degree to which he is lying and the subject matter of which he is lying about make him seem not all that great at the moment.
  2. SoundsLikeMLo

    Episode 188 ā€” Summah Donkey

    I found Howard in Uncle Sam - his scene is about 54 minutes into the film, for those wondering.
  3. SoundsLikeMLo

    Episode 176 ā€” Hot Gomer Pyle

    See, what Natasha needs to do with her HDTV is set the refresh rate to 60hz from the factory settings of 120hz or higher. Those faster refresh rates make everything look like it initially aired on the BBC in the late 1980s. Another good episode - always nice to hear Natasha's laugh, once dubbed by the late Greg Giraldo as "the vuvuzela of comedy."
  4. SoundsLikeMLo

    Episode 168 ā€” Survived the Whistling

    "Become" is 2014's "whuch." Also, did Mamet do anything worthwhile? Well, I enjoy watching his daughter Zosia on Girls, especially in that last episode. So I would go ahead and say he did, plays aside.
  5. SoundsLikeMLo

    Episode 158 ā€” Enjoy It!

    Always good to check in with Steven BRODY Stevens, although I do miss his more energetic appearances on earlier episodes of Whooch. However, I think that's the Brody we see in Enjoy It!, so it's a good thing that he's calmed down a bit and become more reflective. There was some great eyebrow banter in this episode. I think Brody has great eyebrows, as someone who also has eyebrows on the bushier side. Kulap said it during the podcast, but I think she should start calling her uneven eyebrows "Ku-lapsided."
  6. SoundsLikeMLo

    Episode 154 ā€” Glory Holeļ»æ Jack-O-Lantern

    Oh damn Howard made the know-it-all dork in me come out while listening to this episode, specifically when they were talking about Pokemon. The franchise began as a pair of GameBoy games three years before it was a trading card game - Howard claimed Pokemon started out as a card game. I, too, booked it home from school to watch the cartoons, though. No shame in that, they were really good cartoons. Ron claiming that there were not that many barbers who were able to cut his hair in Salem, Oregon was the least surprising thing I've heard all week.
  7. SoundsLikeMLo

    Episode 152.5 ā€” 11/01/13 TWO CHARTED 91

    I found a pic of the engineer intern, lovingly referred to as "Beans" by Howard:
  8. SoundsLikeMLo

    Episode 150.5 ā€” 10/18/13 TWO CHARTED 89

    Right as I sign in to say "Was Howard trying to think of a depth charge?" they finally figure it out. Ahh, the joys of yelling at a podcast when you're by yourself, driving in your car.
  9. SoundsLikeMLo

    Episode 148.5 ā€” 10/4/13 TWO CHARTED 87

    "Like ducks in a barrel." Kremer, you've done it again!
  10. SoundsLikeMLo

    Episode 147.5 ā€” 9/27/13 TWO CHARTED 86

    Do strip clubs have karaoke? Of course - in Portland, at least. Every Sunday night is Stripparoke at Devil's Point.
  11. SoundsLikeMLo

    Episode 146 ā€” Keep It Clean

    Another fantastic episode - JDR is a treat and I can't wait for Ass Backwards. I enjoyed the discussion of the brilliant series that June was a big part of - Burning Love - and when they specifically named off the male actors who were a part of the series. What's funny about that, however, is that they failed to mention former Who Charted host Armen Weitzman, who had a part in the 3rd season and even had a forced relationship with June's character in an episode. Armen Weitzman - never forget.
  12. SoundsLikeMLo

    Episode 143 ā€” Normies

    It finally happened - it took 143 episodes, but it happened. Howard sounds like Drake. He's become what he hates.
  13. SoundsLikeMLo

    Episode 140.5 ā€” 08/9/13 TWO CHARTED 79

    Oof - listening to Armen getting choked up about Kobe and the Lakers winning game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals is pretty rough. It was Kobe's 5th championship, the Lakers' 16th. I understand him being a longtime fan and all, but c'mon - it's the Lakers. They weren't exactly a struggling, unknown team in 2010. Wednesday's Who Charted with Armen was charming - albeit a bit too quirky at times. Friday's Two Charted with Armen was just awkward and weird.
  14. SoundsLikeMLo

    Episode 130 ā€” Naked Oil Boy Fights

    Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I'm the dude who gave Howard the coozy that he turned into a cuff during the show. It may not have played all that well during the podcast itself, but it was great to see during the live taping last Thursday. He made sure that I'd see the cuff once he converted it, but I had no idea that he'd do it during the live taping like that. Howard is such an awesome guy, but you all already know that. The coozy was from a now-defunct bar called Beachcombers in Lake Havasu, so of course Howard had to have it.
  15. SoundsLikeMLo

    Episode 127.5 ā€” 5/10/13 TWO CHARTED 66

    That live Who Charted from Bridgetown 2013 was $20. It was my only complaint about the show and that is because the venue they were stuck with - I can't imagine Howard and Kulap chose willingly chose the venue - had seating for about 20 people and just didn't work well for a comedy podcast. For $20, I would expect at least a damn folding chair. This was a very entertaining Twooch. Paul Danke did a fantastic job filling in for Kulap. There has to be someone out there who is slowly piecing together aspects of Howard's personal life from the information he divulges on the podcast. Maybe it's Papers Guy.