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  1. It always makes me cringe when someone describes themselves as "fun," but its infinitely worse when a band does it, because that band sucks.

  2. The Ghost of Tom Deod-orant. #ItHasBeenNailed

  3. 16 years later, I still got Erick Sermon's 1st verse on lock. You never forget greatness. EPMD - "Da Joint:" http://t.co/9BI4dcyr10

  4. I think I peaked when I switched the chorus from the song Mambo No. 5 to "A little bit of poop in Jayven's mouth" when I was in high school.

  5. Watch as my cat Binx either tries to communicate with a bird on a fence or has a series of small strokes. http://t.co/egJF5oF9qu

  6. It's like my pets knew I had an inkling to play "Poo Detective" today. Jokes on you, fuckers - the dog's shits are extra runny! #KillMeNow

  7. After I pee at work, I run the sink while I lather my hands in Germ-X. Then I walk out of the bathroom rubbing my pee hands. #DontJudgeMe

  8. Yet another home run by Jorms, Akiva and Andy Sandwich - "Diaper Money" by The Lonely Island http://t.co/aiHegA0AEZ

  9. In the c-c-c-can! — Drinking a Cloudy Summer Kolsch by Occidental Brewing Co. @ Pet Loft — http://t.co/wvQxyLmMhh #photo

  10. Can we get a cleverly-named horse to win a goddamn race already? What is it with these plain, one-word names? Orb & Oxbow? I mean c’mon.

  11. Yeah, you’re goddamn right North Carolina is 3rd all time at 9 CWS appearances without a title. @Beaver_Baseball #GoBeavs #BackToBack

  12. Waiting for some live Professor Blastoff. — Drinking a Line Dry Rye by @Oakshire at @mississippistudhttp://t.co/nf09OsjC1g

  13. I just earned the 'American Craft Beer Week (2013)' badge on @untappd! http://t.co/QUW0L5h7nL #ACBW

  14. That feeling you get when you create invoices for two people named Priley and Pliley within minutes of each other. No, one was not Asian.

  15. Oh sweet geeze-us christ - Random Access Memories leaked 3.5 hours ago? That was certainly unexpected. 8 loooong years in the making.

  16. The streetcar tracks claimed yet another victim this morning. I'm fine - although the fall bruised my ego & sense of self worth pretty hard.

  17. I hope @paulrust knows about this: http://t.co/9Djf14yvzd Best part is that they call it the "new No No Pro" during the commercial. #NewNoNo

  18. Hey random girl walking towards the Izzy’s for a Mother’s Day lunch buffet,Wearing sweatpants was the right call. Sincerely,Me

  19. Mappy Hother's Day, you guys!Aww, damnit.

  20. Getting all sorts of Boring up in this bitch! Where you at, Damascus? — Drinking a Big Yawn IPA at @baileystaproomhttp://t.co/yOsx08LLjS

  21. I can’t hear the song “Midnight Train to Georgia” without thinking of my favorite extra from The Baxter @Thezog hamming it up on stage.

  22. You know what? I’m not going to go into exactly why ABC made the wrong decision in canceling #HappyEndings. I’m beyond upset by the news.

  23. Happy 19th birthday, Weezer’s Blue Album. You are officially 7 years older than the majority of Weezer’s current fan base.

  24. Yeah-eh Yeah-eh Yeah-eh It's a party in the DMV (@ DMV West) http://t.co/TMengJsT