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    Episode 22 — Don’t Call This Latin Rap

    I really enjoyed this episode. You guys introduced me to a few new names that i'll definitely look up now. Wish there was a bit more discussion instead of just listening to music. The White Rappers episode balanced it out well. I felt like there was more time spent just listening to music. Yo, I felt awkward, even as a listener who wasn't in the room, when Jeff asked Nocando if Pun was the best latin rapper of all time. The answer, in my opinion, is absolutely. Did Nocando dodge that 'cuz he didn't want to offend Scoop after he went on about how his dad is OG and really, all around respected? I love some old school Kid Frost and he deserves credit for being a pioneer and hard a as hell, but Big Pun was more relevant to me and was an absolute lyrical beast who had incredible potential, but died too soon.
  2. braceyoself

    Episode 114 — Surfing Rainbows

    I enjoyed this episode. I know he wasn't a typical guest, but the conversation in the episode wasn't completely unrelated to the music/movie charts or pop culture. He had points of view related to movies and music both on and off the charts, which I enjoyed. I think it's the responsibility of the hosts to keep the flow of the show going. They could have made commercial break pause to right the ship and tell Steve about the format of the show. We would have been none the wiser, upon returning from the commercial break. Honestly, they seemed to be okay with the direction it was taking.