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  1. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Spawn (1997)

    Also, remember that 1997 is the year that brought us other superhero shitstorms in the form of "Batman & Robin" and "Steel". It was par for the course.
  2. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Planet of the Apes (2001)

    I can't wait for Tyler Perry's Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor on the Planet of the Apes.
  3. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Planet of the Apes (2001)

    I'm very glad that the franchise got back on track and that this has essentially become the "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" of the series.
  4. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Remember Me (2010)

    Like (and I hope I'm remembering this correctly...) a hubcap and a turkey sub!
  5. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    The Best of Me (2014)

    Don't all Sparks movies essentially boil down to "Okay, so which one dies this time?"?
  6. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Episode 136 - Hell Comes to Frogtown: LIVE!

    New Ernest? JACKIE EARLE HALEY. Bam.
  7. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Episode 136 - Hell Comes to Frogtown: LIVE!

    Not nearly enough "Legends of the Hidden Temple" contestants were exposed to radiation...
  8. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Swiss Army Man (2016)

    I've never been stuck on a desert island, but would a sundial really be that important? "Man, it sucks that I'm stranded here by myself and half-starving to death, but at least I kind of know time it might be...".
  9. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Episode 135 - Solarbabies: LIVE!

    "In a world, where the planet is exactly as hydrated as it needs to be..."
  10. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Episode 135.5 - Minisode 135.5

    Have you read "WE3" by Grant Morrison? That one is ANOTHER animal-related comic kick in the nuts.
  11. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Episode 135.5 - Minisode 135.5

    I think I'll get my Lifetime a Achievement Correction & Ommission of the Week at the 2048 Howdies or so, because if I didn't get a real one for "LOL" or "Hackers", I just don't think it's going to happen. I tend to do my best work when the field is full of top-shelf talent. Maybe I'll meet my match in a young, up-and-coming commenter someday that I can riff off of that'll help get me back in the game. I can have a "Color of Money" or "Untouchables"-style commenting career Renaissance and become the sexy silver fox of the commenting set that rides out the rest of my career as commenting royalty! Oh, to dream...
  12. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Episode 135.5 - Minisode 135.5

    Poor, poor Ampersand I may have to go cheer myself up with some "Pride of Baghdad"...minus the last few pages or so...
  13. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Episode 135 - Solarbabies: LIVE!

    If movies have taught me anything, it's that a douchey white guy would probably be the GREATEST Native American or Samurai or whatever, really. All these minorities or foreigners really need is for a white guy to give them the kick in the ass that they need to overcome a bunch of OTHER white guys!
  14. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Episode 135 - Solarbabies: LIVE!

    I think that everything I THOUGHT I remembered from this movie really came from "Tank Girl".
  15. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    2012 (2009)

    Possibly the most historically inaccurate film of all time.
  16. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Magic in the Mirror (1996)

    I like my feelings about ducks right where they're at, thank you!
  17. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    I Love Trouble (1994)

    This was mentioned in "The People Vs. OJ Simpson", and I'll be damned if I haven't heard this movie even REFERED to in the last 20 years. It's a relatively deep cut.
  18. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Episode 134.5 - Minisode 134.5

    "The Americans" is SO fucking good, and I don't know if it's going another season or not, but there's such a feeling of dread and a lot of things happening that make it feel like it's going to be the end soon.
  19. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Episode 134 - Can't Stop the Music: LIVE!

    Well, guys, I'm all caught up. Jee. Zuss. Christ...
  20. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Episode 134 - Can't Stop the Music: LIVE!

    Ego the Living Planet will ALSO get a movie before Cyborg ever does.
  21. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Episode 134 - Can't Stop the Music: LIVE!

    I'm so Internet proud of us all!
  22. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Episode 134 - Can't Stop the Music: LIVE!

    Jeez, I get busy for a couple of weeks, unable to really participate, and all of a sudden, there's an episode with close to 500 comments? I'm not quite caught up, I'm only a couple pages in, but with this being a live episode, I can probably safely assume that all of the hubbub is about lousy sound quality. Yup, no other sources of controversy. Not a one. Nope.
  23. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Pan (2015)

    I think it's possible that Peter Pan isn't AS beloved of a property as they'd have us think. I didn't care for "Hook", but it at least had a lot going for it in terms of who was involved and who was hot at the time, and that seems to be the only really successful Peter Pan sequel/prequel/reimagining/remake/etc. in the last few decades. I guess the live TV special a couple years back did all right, but it didn't really do any better or worse than similar specials that have aired.
  24. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    City of Angels (1998)

    Yeah, she totally earned that STUPID, stupid death. Also, I remember having seen almost that exact SAME scene in a movie earlier that week on HBO or something. Don't ask me why I remember it, but it was "To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday" with Michelle Pfeiffer and Claire Danes,
  25. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    City of Angels (1998)

    A couple of them. I don't really like anything else by Alanis Morrisette, but I fucking LOVE "Uninvited".