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  1. You're right... not crazy enough or notoriously bad at all....



    I swear, I don’t remember a specific moment from that movie, just that certain things happened. I think Spider-Man 3 was saved from being notoriously bad by being notoriously forgettable. Nothing seemed to work, and it did it in such a perfect balance that it wasn’t bad ENOUGH in any particular direction. It was no Batman & Robin when it came to franchise killers!

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  2. What if this movie starred Brad Pitt and Matt Damon fucking each other's daughters?


    "Did we do that?"

    "They're young Goddesses."


    I think we'd all have to register as sex offenders for even watching it!

    I feel like I have to register just for reading the premise.

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  3. Omission: Towards the end of the movie when they communicate with a ship that has picked up their "distress beacon" the ship tells them they are 4 parsecs away and that it will take them 45 minutes to get to them. That blew my mind so I did some math.

    A parsec maybe doesn't sound like much but it's a huge distance, equal to 3.26 light-years (the distance it takes light to travel in space during 1 YEAR). So 4 parsecs is 13.04 LY, or 6,853,824 Light Minutes (the distance light travels in a minute).

    In other words, this ship is more than 150,000 times faster than light! First of all, that's impossible according to the currently-known laws of physics. Second of all, even if they did discover some way to travel faster than light in this future, how come it took them so long to arrive to the base? Unless it was halfway across the galaxy it should have taken them nanoseconds to arrive there.


    [Edit: forgot some words]

    If only the screenwriter of "Jason X" that had never seen a previous "Friday the 13th" movie was Jonathan Nolan, right? I mean, "Interstellar" was okay, but if Matt Damon's character had been Jason Voorhees instead, it would have been perfect!

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  4. I'm having a slow work day an I'm hooked on this Friday the 13th wiki. I think maybe you guys were a little hard on poor Kane Hodder. He clearly has a soft spot for children and animals - guy just needs to make a buck after being left out of Freddy vs. Jason. Here's an interesting bit I just read regarding Jason Vorhees's feelings on killing children or animals:


    Whatever his motivations, Kane Hodder believes there is a limit to what he will do. According to Hodder, Jason might violently murder any person he comes across, but when Jason Takes Manhattan called for Hodder to kick the lead character's dog, Hodder refused, stating that, while Jason has no qualms against killing humans, he is not bad enough to hurt animals. Another example from Jason Takes Manhattan, involves Jason being confronted by a street gang of young teenage boys one of whom threatens him with a knife, however Jason chooses not to kill them and instead scares them off by lifting up his mask and showing them his face. Likewise, director Tom McLoughlin chose not to have Jason harm any of the children he encounters in Jason Lives, stating that Jason would not kill a child, out of a sympathy for the plight of children generated by his own death as a child.

    "Jason Lives" is my favorite in the series (I think this and "Final Chapter" are THE movies that people that don't really know the series think of when they hear "Friday the 13th"), and it was actually the first one to feature the camp being USED, which adds that extra element of danger. I mean, by that point, he's been killed by a kid in a previous installment and you kind of sort of have a sense of his "rules", so you're not necessarily expecting him to start offing the underage campers, but it makes for a cooler environment.

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  5. Holy crap, they made four novels based off of Jason X. They aren't cheap either. They are at least 50+ on eBay each.

    Avatar Press also made a lot of comics based on Friday the 13th (including Jason X), Nightmare on Elm Street, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which were all New Line properties at the time, and they were SUPER gory and trashy, but a lot of fun. I think there was even a Jason Vs. Jason X one-shot or mini, but I'll be damned if I remember how they tried to make sense of that. Later on, all of those comics moved over to DC/Wildstorm, where they became less explicit, but had better stories and decent creators on them. I think I E-Bayed off all the Avatar issues I had, and I really wish that someone would reprint them.

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  6. I forget what was said exactly, but one of the hosts said something along the lines of "It would have been one thing if they showed them being a band/singing songs at the beginning...", which reminded me of a recent movie that DID start like that, Kevin Smith's "Yoga Hosers", in which his daughter and Johnny Depp's kid are doing a cover of Anthrax's "I'm the Man" for...reasons. Talk about a movie that has no idea what its audience is...

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  7. paul posted the new logo on his instagram account last week so i'm guessing some of ye don't follow him which means ye probably missed this post from last night ...




    so many questions ... mainly .. was paul one of the clowns terrorizing jasons neighborhood in the van??

    The marketing for this "It" movie sure is weird, guys...

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  8. With Paul declaring the prospect of a Southland Tales episode all but dead, I think it's worth considering that the politics of bagging recent movies are a lot stickier. I don't think it's a coincidence that the recent era of movies was covered more thoroughly in the earlier episodes.

    Speaking of "Southland Tales", I absolutely hate their reason for not going after it. I believe Paul said that they know and are friends with people that are in it, which we know already, given that half the cast of Saturday Night Live from 1994-2002 is in it and that there are approximately 1.2 million speaking parts. I mean, I may have wandered on set one day and been in the movie myself, THERE'S JUST NO WAY OF KNOWING. Anyway, the movie is a trainwreck worth talking about that no ONE person (besides maybe Richard Kelly) can be blamed for. If any of the HDTGM crew's friends DID do particularly shitty work in it though, they could talk around that all day long and we STILL probably wouldn't know who they were talking about, because the whole thing is madness.


    I still hold to my original theory from several years ago though, and that's that HDTGM FEARS "Southland Tales".

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  9. Would I be déclassé (as a Pittsburgher) if I admitted that I do not like Primanti Bros.?

    I'm okay with them, but they're usually not my first choice. I work a lot of wrestling shows and don't get out of those until pretty late, and then a lot of us hang out and grab a bite, so it's usually Denny's, Eat n' Park, or Primanti's (which is open until 2) after the show, depending on where we are and what the closest option is.

  10. In the Pittsburgh area, we have Primanti Bros., a chain of restaurants that has a lot of good stuff, and they put coleslaw on EVERYTHING. Not seen anywhere on their menu? A raisin option. They put coleslaw on everything and not once do they mention them, which goes to show JUST how absurd of an idea it is!

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  11. I just watched all of Twin Peaks in preparation for the new series, and there's

    during the second season (1990) where Ben Horne goes on a bender and watches old home movies of his family breaking ground on the Great Northern Hotel. Then again, nothing died except his future business prospects.

    Maybe these videos just exist so that they can be watched ironically at a later date then? "I've never once wanted to watch the video of me making the big game-winning play in the state football championship, but now that I've had my legs destroyed in a horrific car accident, I can't think of a better way to take my mind off of things!".

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  12. I just got to the part where they're talking about actor/activist Ron Silva's gross mouth sounds, where Paul says he probably just brought his craft service stuff into the scene, and that reminded me of how I've seen movies and shows that I've worked on where the character has a coffee cup or something that DID just come from catering. If there's a scene in an office or a police station or something, you'll see them all over the place.

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  13. Did anybody clock the influence this movie had on Steven Spielberg's Minority Report -- specifically, the scene where Tom Cruise, alone in his apartment, is drinking and watching (holographic) videos of his dead son and speaking his own lines in the recorded conversation?

    I want to say that it's happened a lot in other movies, but I'm struggling to come up with an older example at the moment. As far as that trope is concerned though, it made me think that if you were filming ANYTHING with your family in it back then, they were pretty much fucked, because the only time you ever see anyone watching these videos back is in cases JUST like this, where a wife and/or kid has been killed. No one's ever watching them for fun, not that they're fun things to watch anyway. I film weddings on the side, and holy shit, talk about a waste of money...

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  14. Give us a call On the REVAMPED - Q&A HOTLINE at 619-PAULASK


    Ask me questions about your life, your job or love. I will answer them, and I guarantee that 25% of the time my answer is 100% right! -- It's a Google Number so charges might not apply.


    Also, we having a HDTGM Merch sale at https://www.teepubli...-this-get-made/ Get 20% off using offer code "how-did-this-get-made"

    Everything I know about the San Diego area code, I learned from...


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  15. The JCVD episodes never disappoint. This has to be one one of the best episodes in the history of the show.


    Maybe it's because JCVD's films are so batshit but yet so enjoyable that they are tailor made for this podcast.


    Or maybe it's just because I was saw all of these in the theatre and I'm reliving my youth.


    Would love for them to eventually do Sudden Death which Van Damme and Peter Hyams made immediately following this film. Another ridiculous but well crafted action film.

    Speaking of Hyams/Van Damme jams, I highly recommend the two most recent "Universal Soldier" movies, "Regeneration" and "Day of Reckoning", which are directed by JOHN Hyams, the son of director Peter Hyams. They were essentially straight-to-video/VOD movies (at least here in the States) that look WAY better than they should, probably because Peter was the cinematographer on "Regeneration", which is a direct sequel to the first film and forgets about "Universal Soldier: The Return", a flaming piece of garbage where JCVD co-starred with Bill Goldberg and Michael Jai White. Anyway, JCVD's character is still a reanimated super soldier that's now dealing with PTSD and having to save the Russian president's family (or something) from a new UniSol played by MMA fighter Andrei Arlovski, as well as the clone of Dolph Lundgren. The action is pretty sick and it looks like a Bourne movie. In "Day of Reckoning", JCVD has gone rogue and is more of a background character, leading a cult of sleeper UniSols, and it's up to Scott Adkins (whose family may or may not have been murdered by JCVD) to find him and put him down. It's sort of like "Apocalypse Now", but plays out like a conspiracy thriller/horror movie, while also featuring some sick, sick action. High recommends!

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  16. There are indeed some gems with post fame, latter day Van Damme. Replicant is indeed goofy fun, but In Hell, another Ringo Lam film, is brutal and Van Damme does real acting.


    The last two Universal Soldier are legitimately awesome and Enemies Closer is as good as some of his theatrical films.

    The first "Universal Soldier" and the most recent two make a pretty solid trilogy. They're all such different kinds of movies, with the last one feeling like a horror movie at times.


    Also, in the interview, the director mentions that an accident during filming killed a crew member, left another a paraplegic, and badly injured a few others. After the accident, they had to rush production to finish the film.

    Because you know what you should do after people have been killed and maimed on your production? Rush. Yeah, nothing else could possibly go wrong...

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  18. It blows my mind this was the start of a trilogy. What was going to happen in The Wraith Cinematic Universe?

    I also like that he was so sure that it would GET to a third one. Sure, the first one didn't do so great, and the script for the second one was picking up dust, but dammit, there's too much story just waiting to be told!

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