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  1. Here's my second plugs song submission. Unlike my last one, this is of appropriate length. It would be shorter but I couldn't not throw in that clip of Harris at the end. Sorry. http://inspector34.b...-time-for-plugs
  2. HealthyJimm

    Episode 154 — Finger Guns

    The embedded player won't work, and the MP3 download link tosses out a casual "404 file not found" when clicked. All I want are some laughs. Time and again this request is denied. What's a man to do?
  3. HealthyJimm

    What guest do you want to see?

    So I'm like the 9th person to suggest all of these but if we keep pressing the issue I bet we'll get em. H Jon Benjamin Jay Johnston Norm Macdonald John Ennis Tom Kenny Jack Black John C. Reilly JON BENJAMIN NORM MACDONALD JON BENJAMIN NORM MACDONALD JON BEyou get the idea
  4. Hey I've got one that hasn't been used. It's also probably far too long! Feel free as I'm sure you will to cut it up or whatever. http://inspector34.bandcamp.com/track/whats-up-hotdog-minority-plugs-edition The rest of the music is there for free also. It's by Inspector 34.