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    submitting catchphrases, being named after a common interior view of a window
  1. Tamordnual

    Episode 219 — Farts and Procreation 3

    Hair Dog Chels Bells "Ad-man" Scott And the Chocktaw So happy I came up with 2 (1?) extra nickname(s) for them. That's how happy. Also I formatted the names as a list so that's another thing I did. Haven't even listened to the episode yet and already I'm giving back.
  2. submitted as a catchphrase
  3. submitted as a catchphrase
  4. Tamordnual

    Episode 130 — Robo Cop Diet!

    HEY DAN GET JUSTIN, RYAN, AND JACKIE OFF THEIR FUCKIN' ASSES AND TELL THEM TO DO SOME MORE GRANDMA'S VIRGINITY AAAAAAAAAAA (Incoherent screaming fits in right here, farts, psychic abilities, etc.) Also, keep up the good work. You know? 2nd Also, as a message for people communicating on this here forum, you can find more Dan Harmon wisdom hours on at least three episodes of the Grandmas Virginity podcast. I didn't know about earwolf until these people complained about Comedy death-ray getting all of the attention.
  5. Tamordnual

    Episode 168 — Breaking Bread

    Can I be a freeloading parasite for a minute and ask for someone to please, please cut out the Pope's joke (true story) of the four celebrities in an airplane and put it on youtube?
  6. That's one way of submitting something as a catchphrase.
  7. Tamordnual

    Episode 165 — Hoo-ah!

    No good?
  8. Which are rare affliction that can be quite painful. submitted as a catchprhase
  9. Tamordnual

    Episode 164 — Clifton Was Here

    I'm kind of surprised at the amount of people complain about the quality or tone difference of this one. I look at it in the light that Zmuda was the partner in a team of groundbreaking comedians that propelled one of Scott's biggest influences through the major standards of show business back in the day. In meeting one of your heroes, you adjust your behavior and your methods a bit. If he wants to have Clifton on, of course Scott's going to put Clifton on the show, no matter how much of a doddering asshole he is. I'll write more in depth about this after I finish kicking my grandfather in the teeth because he can't play a decent chess game anymore.
  10. submitted as catchphrase / good advice
  11. Dikes or protect land from erosion and flooding while dams usually retain water for various purposes such as generating hydro-electricity, though the two are quite similar. Anyway, sorry for the confusion." submitted as a catchphrase