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    Spawn (1997)

    This has so much potential to be a great HDTGM episode. Michael Jai White in a ridiculous costume, fighting JOHN LEGIZAMO in an even more ridiculous costume! The bad guy sounds like Doctor Claw from Inspector Gadget! Seriously, I hope they do this.
  2. hgale

    Dreamcatcher (2003)

    Oh man, Morgan Freeman as a bad ass military fascist, ridiculous alien deathmatch at the end, for some reason the alien takes the form of a handicapped kid who gives people super powers, and later grows up to be the one and only Donnie Wahlberg! If this isn't loaded with at least 45 mins of "wtf!" material, nothing is. (Obviously there are other movies that are, but I thought that would be a good way to drive the point home...)
  3. Seriously, there is nothing is this movie that is intended to be tongue-in-cheek. Someone wrote a draft, someone else greenlit it, and a cast and crew laboured for months only to produce one of the cheesiest, overacted, overhyped, non-sense-making pieces of shit to ever be associated with the superhero genre. Overlooking how much it plays fast and loose with the source material (which, really, only affects Marvel purists), it still decides to totally fuck up the continuity of the cinematic universe. Also, it fucking blows. Discuss.