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    Episode 33 — Abduction

    That guest host was terrible! What's with 'blackie' and harping constantly on that kid's weight? Really, that's why the movie sucked - cause the actors weren't thin enough? The kid's a teenager who looks like an average person and it's not fun to listen to adults play the mean kids piling on the peer pressure. The assassin was fat? That's hardly what was wrong with the assassin scene. Hit men can look like ordinary middle aged guys. The fact that they didn't get a ripped 20-something to play the hit man is not what made that scene suck. Meanwhile there were so many larger plot points that were howlingly bad which you guys didn't get to cause you're obsessing over what model car is being shown (who cares what the cheapest model of Mercedes is?) and teasing the black kid. Like - the file is on his cell phone so why doesn't he just text it to the bad guy and skip the face-off, which he walked into with no plan. They walk into that face-off with no plan for what to say to the bad guy, yet they all managed to coordinate on wearing Pirates gear to the game. When did they have time to do that shopping? Just cause it's a baseball game doesn't mean you all have to wear the team uniform! Or when the hitman came to the compartment door he knocked twice before entering - so she didn't just tell rat him out on the room number but also the secret signal! She's a terrible would-be girlfriend! Not to mention why did he let her go alone to the snack car in the first place? Seeing if the coast is clear with a little munchie run while you're being trailed by trained assassins - oh, that's women's work.