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  1. megan_ramold

    AMAZING Professor Blastoff Poster!!

    how 'bout we both buy one after August 3rd...I know I want one (It really would look nice next to my "Good One" tour poster)...and maybe a newth otter shirt to go with it! I love that they're turning fan art into merch!
  2. megan_ramold

    Episode 60 — Quantum Physics

    Oh. I apologize for the misunderstanding. I did not intend to offend; nor was my post directed at you, A Plonk. I totally get where you're coming from. It was difficult to tell if they had Dr. Relyea in the hatch as a friend/comedian or as an expert in the field since they seem to find people with these dualistic qualities. Perhaps they'll readdress the topic in the future. I do think it would be helpful for such complex topics if they narrowed it down a bit...maybe find someone who knows and can effectively describe how Dave's LED flashlight works so he can go about his day.
  3. megan_ramold

    Clown Service

    We're over half-way there but we still need more nickels! Go Team Tig!
  4. megan_ramold

    Episode 60 — Quantum Physics

    I didn't have a problem with this episode. I always enjoy the talk-time before they channel in the professor and it was fun to hear a "what's nuts?!" again as well as another one of Kyle's famous riddles. I guess if you're hoping to learn something scholarly from the show, they should narrow down the topic since likely no one (expert or not) could cover "quantum physics" in an hour. I guess if you're really hoping to get a handle on quantum physics and the like, you should check out iTunesU-they'd probably have you covered and a lot of them are free to download. I would like to hear an episode that is unmistakably new (as in not recorded 3 weeks ago). to get an update on projects like Clown Service and promote Tig's kickstarter account as well as upcoming shows. I also expect to see a photo of this lego train set once she's got it all put together
  5. megan_ramold

    Episode 58 — Legends

    I just love hearing about the hatch! Thanks guys aand girls! So how soon will we see a clip of the crew demonstrating knockoutball?!
  6. megan_ramold

    Episode 57 — Reconciliation

    For sure. The best episode yet! no question.
  7. megan_ramold

    Episode 56 — Twins

    This is my favorite Tig & Kyle video! I love these two together!
  8. megan_ramold

    Episode 55 — Music Vol 1

    Can't believe there was no "swamp rock" talk featured in this episode. Stay tuned for Music Vol 2...I guess
  9. megan_ramold

    Episode 54 — Que Sera, Sera

    I'm hoping Tig and David release a (music) cd together. We've seen glimpses of this dynamic duo when they've sung "Lookin' Out My Back Door" but I'd like to hear more. Maybe they could do Katy Perry's "Hot & Cold" How's that song go, Tig? http://fuckyeahtignotaro.tumblr.com/search/katy+perry
  10. megan_ramold

    Episode 53 — Self-Esteem

    I just want to say, these commercials keep getting better and better! Guess I'll have to buy some stuff to keep the Professor Blastoff crew in the Hatch! ...Also, I know we (the listeners) are called "Blastronauts." but I was just wondering...do Tig, Kyle, David, and Aaron have a name (for the collective group) ...I feel like we could come up with something cooler than "The hosts of Professor Blastoff" Any thoughts?
  11. Is this where we sign up for the next Professor Blastoff Twitter Party?! you can count me in!
  12. megan_ramold

    Episode — Perception Pt. 2

    I think Kyle mentioned that when we're talking about perception, one's worldview is their primary frame of reference when attempting to understand all the external "stuff" (and perhaps the self as well). The topic of religion, then, definitely comes into play since often it shapes and molds our experience and perceptions of what is and is not acceptable, good or bad/evil, etc. I enjoy hearing what other people have to say about religion since I have limited knowledge of other religious practices and beliefs-I'm from Nebraska, I mean, c'mon. I think it's good to clarify misconceptions and speak openly and learn from one another about religion. Certainly, some religious dogmas, parables, doctrine, etc. seem absurd and we wonder why people would claim, as truth, something that seems so obviously irrational and illogical. But there must be something to be gained from someone else's interpretation/experiences otherwise, why partake in the podcast (the dialectic) at all?! Tig, Kyle, David, and Aaron, Thanks for making me look like a fool with a big smile on my face as I listen to PB on my headphones. Whether I'm riding my bike or driving along the highway, I'm always hyper-aware that I likely look ridiculous to oncoming traffic but that doesn't stop me from enjoying the best podcast out there! -Megan