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    Episode 33 — Abduction

    So the fact that Lautner can't kiss a girl convincingly is because he's gay? That annoyed me to no end. Not the fact that this woman kept insisting on him being gay. I don't care about that guys sexual orientation. But his sexuality is the factor that he can't kiss a girl? Seriously? This is one of the reasons homophobia keeps so many actors in the closet. The reason he can't kiss on camera can't possibly be because he is a terrible TERRIBLE actor without any talent? Nope, that can't be it. Must be his love for the penis which dictates his whole life. Another example of exactly this kind of annoying homophobia crept up in your review of "burlesque". Supposedly one of the sex scenes was total crap because the director was gay and therefore couldn't create a straight sex scene? Seriously, people? Keep in mind that the film was a musical (it was, right?) and had lots of "fabulous" women and dancing and stuff. Isn't that what "the gays" live for? So the director, being a big old homo and all, should have TOTALLY gotten all that stereotypically gay stuff absolutely right, shouldn't he? But from what I hear he got all of that wrong, despite being totally gay! He seems to be a really terrible director and should consider a career change. But the fact that a straight love scene sucks is because he is gay, not because he is A TERRIBLE DIRECTOR? Do you guys ever listen to your podcasts? Consider taking on an editor? Also, all the mocking of "fat actors" that's creeping into the vast majority of the podcasts I listened to makes you sound like a couple douchebags. Which you probably aren't as far as I know. So, consider to THINK before you actually speak in the future? I promise to do the same thing.