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  1. Paul just dropped an unironic "That sounds good to me."
  2. Man, that ad made Pauls voice sound real vocal-fry-ey. I would have sworn it was Greg Proops if I didn't know it was PFT.
  3. BrianRudzinski

    Best of 2015 Pt. 4

    "Big ups to people of all stars and stripes" should be Scott's official sign off to the show.
  4. BrianRudzinski

    Best of 2015 Pt. 2

    That may have been the quickest anyone ever queued up anything, let alone the Plane Break song that hasn't been on the show for years before Engineer Cody Ryan was ever even employed by earwolf. C+ Engineer Cody Ryan. C+.
  5. BrianRudzinski


    I wish for Scott to do something involving magic, and for Jason to lose an arm.
  6. BrianRudzinski

    EPISODE 217 — Goodbye

    Professor Blastoff was the first podcast I ever called my favorite podcast. I hopped on board pretty early on, somewhere around episode 20 or thereabouts. Every Tuesday since has been delightful. It really felt like having 3 great friends I got the privilege to get to know over the course of the past several years. The live show in Phoenix, AZ (which never aired as an episode) is still one of the highlights of my life. It was 90 minutes of pure laughter as Kyle shared stories of his job as a knockoff mickey mouse and so much more. I was in pain from the shear volume of laughter that was forced out of my face that day. While I've loved every minute of the show, it felt like in the past year or so that the show was becoming less of a passion for the crew, especially Tig. As much as we all don't want the show to end no one wants for the show to be a chore. Having done a weekly podcast with my friends before I know how much work it can be between scheduling conflicts and actually preparing material for the show. It caused some tensions between my group of friends and I'd hate to see the same thing happen to our favorite crew in the hatch. In retrospect I think that Aaron really was the glue that kept the show going smooth (gulp). Once he was gone the "dialing in to the professor" bit became an afterthought on most episodes. And yet it was still always glorious, if not as structured as before. I look forward to seeing all of what is to come next for Tig, Kyle, and David. Having seen Tig work her material for the HBO Special I can tell you that it will be as funny an hour of material as there is out there. I'll certainly be tuning in to Sy-Fy much more than before to catch Reactor, and whatever podcast Kyle is working on starting up will hopefully fill the PB Place in my heart.
  7. BrianRudzinski

    Episode 199 — OCD

    Make Episode 199 about OCD. Well Played.
  8. BrianRudzinski

    Episode 234 — Mouth Jazz

    Chris Berman is played by John Holmberg, host of Holmbergs Morning Sickness, a Phoenix AZ morning radio show. The show is available as podcast, he does lots of impressions. Just wanted to give the guy his due, I enjoy the radio show and I was glad to see him venture into the podcast landscape. The Slkars were on the show for a half hour to promote a local standup gig, I'm sure thats when they made the plan to have him on the show.
  9. BrianRudzinski

    Episode 286 — Time Bobby 3

    Time Bobby 3 is up! But how will I remember to listen to it? I know, I shall use a mnemonic device: Thank goodness Time Bobby 3 is finally out It's been a while Mine eyes don't deceive me, do they? Eek gads! They do not! But wait! Maybe they do!? Oh, no they don't. Best listen to it straight away. Boy, there sure are a lot of Bs in "Bobby" Y, you would think there'd be less. Three should probably be spelled out. Hats off, and of course I mean topping hats. Really?! With Seth and Amy Eek, I can't wait to see if someone gets stabby. Excited, that's what I am.
  10. BrianRudzinski

    Episode 101 — Cars

    I hope they do a race episode with Kyle as his racist characters the whole time.
  11. BrianRudzinski

    Episode 100 — Atoms

    Really upset that they didn't get the "Doug" reference, which is Sarah Silverman's suuuper old dog. The one that Kyle almost killed with the elevator. Suprised no one realized that's what they were getting at. Also, David said Steve Irvin instead of Steve Irwin. I got a chuckle out of that. Loved the live broadcast, a nice primer to catching the first leg of the live tour in Phoenix... on my birthday none the less!
  12. BrianRudzinski

    Episode 91 — Live in Vancouver/Hope

    Not gonna lie, the Live episodes don't do it for me quite as much. I still enjoy them, but they have more of an effect of making me wish that I was there watching it live rather than listening to it take place. Still love the show and hope the live shows continue! Oh, and what's with the serious lack of riddles?? I can't remember the last time we got some real riddle action.
  13. BrianRudzinski

    Episode 83 — Mayans

    So, when are we gonna see "Happy Birthday Dan" shirts?
  14. BrianRudzinski

    Episode 78 — Recovery

    When David said "Aaron, Please." I felt bad for Aaron. It was like David talking down to a child. I love the wrangling, but only when it's all in good fun!
  15. BrianRudzinski

    Episode 74 — Star Trek

    I listened all the way through and (unfortunately) Aaron did a terrific job. I still think that in the spirit of the show, Tig/Kyle/David (or whatever combo is available) should have done commentary on the episode. That would have made my day.
  16. BrianRudzinski

    Episode 71 — Wealth

    I wish I lived in NYC... I'm so jealous of whoever gets to intern for them.
  17. BrianRudzinski

    Episode 59 — Human Energy

    Part of what makes Aaron a great part of the show is that he's really not very good at picking clips. I agree, sometimes it gets old, but I like the others reactions to the awful selections he often makes. That being said, I think it would be even better if he picked and read articles. There's so much potential comedy there!
  18. BrianRudzinski

    Episode 59 — Human Energy

    I registered an account just to say I noticed this too.
  19. BrianRudzinski

    Episode 57 — Reconciliation

    When David said he plays tennis in Vennice, I was quite suprised no one broke out in song.
  20. BrianRudzinski

    Episode 54 — Que Sera, Sera

    The hatch is back! Lately my brain has been seeing you guys in a studio rather than the hatch with all of those bubbly beakers. The more description and discussion of the hatch the better, I miss the days where every episode started off with the semi-forced hatch talk. With my next paycheck I'll be picking up a shirt for sure. Great episode as always, keep up the good work.
  21. BrianRudzinski

    Episode — Perception Pt. 2

    I miss Tig still, for sure, but it's nice that you guys can still put out good shows while she takes some well needed time off. I will also defend Aaron. Despite the fact that I side more with the athiest side of the arguement, I feel like the others (specifically David) often attack his beliefs and draw him into these discussions. The religion topic gets brought up a bit more than I would like, but I don't blame Aaron as he's usually just defending his beliefs from attack, and he always does so without attacking back. I would have thought this was another Religion episode rather than Perception. Still, great show as always.