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    New Adventures in Hi-Fi

    Hey!! Thank you!
  2. Thanks so much! I find myself randomly singing it this week much to the confusion of everyone else.
  3. Hi. I made this for the show. I was wondering if anyone knew a good way to get this to Scott or Adam? I'd love them to hear it. I feel like it would be easy to miss if I tweeted it at them. I tried to the Earwolf contact page earlier today too. It's on soundcloud here: Thanks!
  4. HALLELUJAH!!!!! Thanks so much whoever!!!
  5. Jordo

    Episode 223 — Roll Over, Seth Rogen

    Oh my god! My plugs theme is in this episode! I am probably way too excited about this than is healthy (being a big CBB fan helps too) But if anyone is interested in some LINKAGE, it's my band Sally (not a person but a band name) and the Plugs theme is here: And we have our debut EP for FREE on bandcamp here: http://sallyband.bandcamp.com/ And we crave Facebook likes here: https://www.facebook.com/sallyband Sorry for the PLUGS but this is probably a once in a lifetime thing! Woo I'm so excited (and I...just can't...hide it?)
  6. You just made my day! Muchos el thanks (sorry don't speak spanish)
  7. Just desperately bumping this in the hopes it will get noticed!!! Thanks so much!!
  8. Thanks so much!! I would really flip out if it got played on the show. Hey if you're interested in our band's non-Podcast related works, our debut EP is free on bandcamp: http://sallyband.bandcamp.com/ and we can always use more Facebook likes! We are dangerously close to 300... http://www.facebook.com/sallyband
  9. Jordo

    Plugs theme by Sally

    Hey Johnny, just saw that you said that! Thanks so much! How nice of you.
  10. Hey fellows. I submitted this many many months ago but it appears it's been lost in the shuffle. Would be ecstatic to hear this on an episode. My band's name is "Sally" so it can be credited as such. My name is Jordan Cooper. We have a website at www.sallyband.com and also a facebook page in need of Likes at facebook.com/sallyband https://soundcloud.c...and/sally-plugs Thanks!
  11. Jordo

    Plugs theme by Sally

    Just giving this a bump with the hope of being included on the show! Thanks guys! -Jordan (of Sally)
  12. Jordo

    Plugs theme by Sally

    Wow thanks so much! We are very intimidated by how many great ones are here.
  13. Not sure if I was supposed to make a new thread or post in here...Sorry! But this is a plugs theme (our first one) by my band Sally We have a bunch more in the works too! Thanks! If you are so kind as to use it, please credit it to Sally and our facebook page is www.facebook.com/sallyband or our website is www.sallyband.com
  14. My band Sally did a plugs theme! Facebook page: www.facebook.com/sallyband Our website is: www.sallyband.com