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  1. GregJ.Hansen

    Foodfight! (2012)

    Aside from The Smurfs (R.I.P.), have they done an animated wreck yet? Either this or Delgo. But probably this, because eeeeeugh! And yes, Rabin's piece on this was pretty monumental.
  2. GregJ.Hansen

    Episode 201 — End Scene

    Right, Pope Matt Benedict XVI.
  3. GregJ.Hansen

    Episode 6 — Analyze Fish Pt. 2

    Mike and Tom Eat Snacks cross-cast?
  4. GregJ.Hansen

    Episode 17 — It's Chow Time

    Playing It Straight And here I was thinking, "surely nobody would be crass enough to actually do a series like that." I have been thusly educated. Ah well. I wish I could provide proper attribution, though the image came to my attention already blocked out like that. I can't seem to track down the original source, maybe they blurred their own face, as it were? Some Realitywood big shot testing the waters, gauging public reaction of an idea before pitching it for realzies? I thought I made an effort to indicate I was not claiming credit in my original post, but I will definitely keep in mind that old adage: "When you steal from thieves, make sure you don't miss." Further research indicates that Fox may have even been beaten to the punch by Bravo, who produced a gay romance reality series a year earlier where some of the bachelors were actually straight, unbeknownst to the main guy: Boy Meets Boy.
  5. GregJ.Hansen

    Episode 201 — End Scene

    "Thanx" came pretty close, in that it elicited the Aukerman "hoo boy".
  6. GregJ.Hansen

    Episode 201 — End Scene

    Glaser proved to be bolder than a lot of guests, and it was great! The sudden appearance of the Vatican gardener, the drawn-out suicide premise, egging the Pope on with impressions... have him back? Uh, a'yeah!
  7. GregJ.Hansen

    Episode 201 — End Scene

    Oh great, it hasn't even happened yet and we already got some holocast deniers.
  8. GregJ.Hansen

    Episode 200 — Halfway To China

    Try typing it in... I noticed my hyperlink doesn't work but typing it does. It should go to a store page for Andy Daly's "Nine Sweaters" album.
  9. GregJ.Hansen

    Episode 200 — Halfway To China

    So, in addition to http://www.zapstraighttoit.com, somebody was a champ and registered http://www.assistedfalls.com! CBB brings out the magic in all of us.
  10. GregJ.Hansen

    Episode 67 — Fish Hook

    Look at that fucking robot!
  11. GregJ.Hansen

    Episode 115 — Bizarro

    Whereas I feel it's his least, being a hodge-podge of ideas already explored in his previous films, and none as well or as thoroughly. Fortunately, he then went on to make The Fantastic Mr. Fox, which is one of my favorite movies ever. Still haven't seen Moonrise Kingdom.
  12. GregJ.Hansen

    Surf Ninjas (1993)

    And it's a shame we'll never see the planned sequel, in which the Surf Ninjas square off against the Surf Nazis. (I made that up.)
  13. GregJ.Hansen

    Episode 199 — Garry Unmarried

    I'd love to go raves-ing with Gillian!
  14. GregJ.Hansen

    Episode 114 — Surfing Rainbows

    This does sound fun, though, in an "it might actually be a crazy Japanese game show" kind of way.
  15. GregJ.Hansen

    Fast & Furious 6

    Or maybe take the Swedish softcore arthouse approach and do a two-parter called "I Am Furious: Blue" and "I Am Furious: Yellow".
  16. GregJ.Hansen

    Fast & Furious 6

    Nah, they'll get David Fincher on board to direct and its title will be changed to "Fas7".
  17. GregJ.Hansen

    Footloose (1984)!

    STOP. RESET. You and I can't be friends
  18. GregJ.Hansen

    Episode 90 — Live at SF Sketchfest

    Tig and the gang DE.LI.VER. every single week! Is it too much to ask you, the fans, to be on for just one night!? /hyperbole off
  19. GregJ.Hansen

    Submit clips here!

    It should be noted that these guys are all variety show comedians and the song debuted on a Japanese sketch comedy show, so if anyone ever thought this was for real, it'd be like somebody over there taking Lonely Island seriously. edit: Yatta! Typo!
  20. They missed a golden opportunity by not calling it "The Ice Cube Tray".
  21. GregJ.Hansen

    Episode 198 — Aren't You Glad

    Yaaay my catchphrase! Now I can stop spamming that forum every other day. Amy's Sarah is pretty fantastic and that WYR was ridiculous. Nice prompts, Cfraise!
  22. But if you don't know why, you shouldn't investigate further.