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  1. I knew that the "Pinocchio" franchise had peaked early, but holy shit, that has to be some sort of record, like the earliest recorded instance of "Fuck it, let's send them to space" happening to a series, which has plagued mostly horror franchises up to this point, though I'm sure that "Fast and the Furious" will get there eventually.


    I don't think you can call Pinocchio a franchise, especially if you're conflating this with the Disney feature (being the only production Disney studios had ever did with the character). The source material's very much in the public domain, and a little digging reveals Pinocchio in Outer Space to be a Belgian offense from the studio that was responsible for the first animated adaptation of Herge's never-as-popular-in-the-US-as-they-should've-been Tintin comics.

  2. Β 

    The singing certain patterns as certain songs bit was wonderful, mostly because I've done that as long as I can remember. One of my most common ones is if it's two two-syllable words or two one-syllable words followed by a two-syllable word, I will often find myself unconsciously singing them to "Cat Scratch Fever."


    These include:

    Flip-flop weather

    Choctaw Nation

    Hot steel girder (this one came up recently; a stranger was telling me a story that involved him sitting on a hot steel girder; he did not find it amusing when I sang the words back to him)


    My tic is to the rhythm of "Zoot Suit Riot" and fits all of these as well.


    Hot steel GIRder! (girder!)


    Also, I really love Craig Cackowski. He needs to be on more Earwolf podcasts. More I4H appearances would be great.

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  3. I've been addled on cold medicine the past few days to the point where I was sure this was some absurd waking dream my mind had concocted, but no, it's true. As many others have said, it's like losing a friend I'd never met. He was such an integral part of the Earwolf fabric, and podcasting in general, that I don't know what things will be like from here on.


    I take solace in the fact that Harris was prolific in his endeavors, and that so much of his voice is on record. It will, at least, not be like saying goodbye, it will just be an extended time apart until we meet again elsewhere in the cosmos (sorry).


    I hope that Harris's openness with his struggles with addiction will inspire others out there who may be suffering, in secret or in public, to take the next step and seek help.

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  4. The two laughs that caught me most off-guard were the kid in the getting-cut-off scene asking his dad if the woman was right about where he came from, and Matty B reading that one 'fan' letter where he's described as one of many 'neat people' in the card set.


    But yeah, Matt's is a handsome card indeed. The "Allen & Ginter's" label is in tribute to the long-defunct cigarette company that arguably originated trading cards back in the late 1800s. I might track these down!

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  5. How accurate are the cards names and terms they're using? Sounds like the real stuff.


    Looks like Rick Glassman has talked about playing Magic on some other podcasts. I am way too deep into M:tG myself, and I can confirm that his opening spiel is 100% accurate, legal plays, and actually pretty impressive how he pulled it off. Enchanting Birds of Paradise with a Pattern of Rebirth, then using Phyrexian Tower's ability to sacrifice the Birds and trigger Pattern's effect, turning it into a Progenitus? Nice. And a foil Progenitus! I bet it's the alternate art version they printed in "From the Vault: Legends".


    I was hoping the studio pictures would show him with everything laid out on the table. Alas!

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