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  1. The best moments in my favorite podcasts often go unnoticed by anyone involved at the time it's being recorded. Case in point...


    Taylor Dayne: "We're square, it's a check."

    Tig(ger): "No, that's rectangular."


    This was a fantastic episode, with such a prominent element of the Tig mythos sprung to life. Like having Zeus at your birthday party but he's not trying to show off by turning into a swan and raping people, he's just cool, chillin'. But he's still Zeus!


    I know I got on a weird tangent there, but I hope we can reconcile.

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  2. Hot dang, finally got some Mystery Science Theater alums into the Wolf's Den! I highly recommend Kevin Murphy's book "A Year at the Movies" as a really good comedic travelogue.


    I hope more MST people find their ways into EW shows. I also love the idea of the Sklars riffing on bad sports movies with the gang, as there are undoubtedly endless opportunities. Just about any movie purporting to be a sports comedy is dreck, with very few exceptions.

  3. Man, I dunno... I think this episode tested my limits for what I can manage in terms of pitch-black comedy. The menu story and the brother skit especially were rough for me to get through. Perhaps I'll chalk it up to Adam and Chris's acting skills, they really sold it in the brother skit. By no means am I asking y'all to change your approach or to restrain yourselves in any way, this was just my guttural reaction and I felt like sharing it.


    I loved the principal one, though!

  4. This is one of my favorite episodes, from Reggie deciding to stay (and the great song about it), to Foam Corner, to Eddie's hilariously amiable teamster. One of my all-time favorite character segments, not just because you have the famously acerbic Mr. Pepitone playing perhaps the most positive character ever to wander through the open door. I think it's an essential CBB episode.


    And who's the lady laughing in the background from time to time? Is it Kulap?


    Thank you, Scott, for this great podcast, and thank you, Harris, for setting the bar so low!

  5. Symptomitis.


    Droopy drawers.


    Clown cheek.


    Navel battles.


    Insertion hysteria.


    Corneal prisms.


    Ectoplasm poisoning.


    Intestinal solidification.


    Gummi beard.


    Cough Lundgren.








    Scrotal walleting.


    Pin chin.


    Fly eye.


    Rose nose.


    Shrimp lips.


    Bullet tongue.


    I can't believe it's not diverticulitis.

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  6. How! How could you have Kyle Dunnigan on and not wring a few riddles out of him? At least we got a little "How You Weigh?" action.


    Can't wait for the TV show! Having only heard Andy Daly thus far, I am wondering how much physicality he puts into his characters, and how the experience will change with a visual component. Gotta get out to UCB one of these days...

  7. I really hope that Popeye scene finds its way onto the DVD for The Dictator, just hearing about it cracked me up.


    I heard Rason and Jandy on the Madeliene Brand Show this week (KPCC represent!), and I was hoping they'd get to spend some time here talking about the CBC's 'alternate feed' for hockey games, as it sounded like a rich vein of comedy gold just waiting to be mined.


    Maybe when we visit the County? Super-excited about that, by the way.