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  1. As a sort of three-year anniversary gift, do you think Marissa Wompler could get her own podcast? I know she's only an intern (and not a paid one like they got over on Improv4Humans), but it'd get her out of Scott's hair, probably. Plus she'd have to come in more often, thus fulfilling the criteria of her internship! Every week she could bring in a guest who puts her in situations she is not quite emotionally mature enough to deal with.

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  2. Why is there like a 10 minute funk loop over the interview.


    That's the music they always run under the quick hits segment, but it was a bit hot this time... sounded like it was on the 9's and 10's when it should have probably been on the 5's and 6's.


    Otherwise, great guest and good show! It's a treat when the guest sticks around to interact with the character in the last segment, and I wish it happened more often.


    Gonna spend my weekend punching waterfalls and breaking trophies. Stamped!

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  3. Woo Jim Gaffigan! I was introduced to him via the manatee bit on Dr. Katz back in the day. Always been a favorite and his interview was very satisfying. Stories about corporate gigs tickle me because of how universally horrible the task always seems to be.


    Glad to hear reference and reverence for Brian Regan. His album is definitely what got me into standup comedy something fierce back in high school. I've seen him live several times and he's a blast, would love to hear him on pretty much any Earwolf podcast.


    edit: oh god, "golden bishop"

  4. Tony Hale's tons of fun, and it sounds like he's familiar with the show, too! It's always nice when a guest calls back to something from a previous episode. He definitely did not poop the glove on this one.


    Van Morrison should not be allowed near cell phones, though...

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  5. This episode involved a lot of my toddler muscles. I had a goo-good time, despite the fact I'm listening to it in April.


    Also, there was a Three Musketeers adaptation released in 1992. It was animated, done by a studio that makes a lot of films using public domain sources, often on the heels of successful adaptations by other studios.

  6. I don't know if I could handle listening to a "That Time of the Month" podcast. I've been married 13 years. I try to avoid that as much as possible. If the recording rooms were loaded with chocolate cake and Phish Food ice cream maybe you'd never get around to recording?


    So, what, sort of an Analyze Phish Food podcast?

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