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  1. //This episode was tough to get through, what with Wee-Wee's constant fainting episodes!//


    Huzzah for the Magnetic Fields. I need to get the new album. You were a few off, the previous album you were talking about is "69 Love Songs" and is a 3-disc affair (see what I did there?)


    Stephen Merritt is rather prolific and has a few side projects, including one with Daniel Handler, who is probably better known under his alias "Lemony Snicket", the author of the macabre Series of Unfortunate Events books.


    In fact, Merritt and Handler's collaboration, The Gothic Archies, is an album of songs inspired by the books. Fun Edward Gorey-esque stuff.


    I can't wait to pick up my wolf tickets for Drump Street!

  2. //I think Mark Nash is just upset because they're going to be making fun of his brother next week.//


    (Those //'s are the punctuation I invented to denote sarcasm, use them as you like!)


    Anyway, I will plug something else since plugs are awesome and plugs plugs plugs


    Check out the AV Club's write-up on Pluto Nash for more perspective! -- http://www.avclub.com/articles/eddie-murphys-sleepy-years-case-file-171-the-adven,45131/


    I haven't seen this movie except for clips but it just seems interminable. Good luck, all!

  3. This episode was chart brass!


    I'm a longtime aficionado of Japanese/Chinese/Korean pop culture, so I always get excited when they make an appearance, ever since the "Winter Fairy" song way back in the beginning of the podcast. After the disappointingly Gaga-heavy Japanese chart from a while ago, the K-pop chart delivered.


    If the rotating leader mechanism in T-ara was fascinating to anyone, I'd recommend looking up Hello! Project, which is a massive J-pop outfit responsible for the long-running Morning Musume group, which features a similar almost collegiate atmosphere, with new singers being recruited every year, group leaders, sub-groups, graduations, and bands made up of post-graduate members.





    I like the idea of "retro" charts as mentioned above, it could be a fun way to tie things into the guests even more, maybe pull up Billboard charts for a guest's birth day/year... we did something like this at my office once and had a big day-long goof-off where we played the Billboard #1 songs from our birth weeks.