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  1. Oh man, I just had an idea (sorry if someone has already thought of this) - Todd on some sort of teen talk show hosted by Rick Faber.


    I've long been hoping for some sort of CBB Special or Earwolf Presents comedy podcasters in a Q&A with teens about all sorts of pat after-school-special issues. They could get Wompler, Gutterballs, Traci and Todd (Brendon Small's not the only person who can run two characs at once!), and Rick Faber, for starters.

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  2. So, once upon a time, there was a short-lived show right here on Earwolf called Shortwave with Grant-Lee Phillips. It was a nice, low-key podcast covering a very specific corner of American independent singer/songwriterly music, emerging during a time a couple years ago where Earwolf was experimenting with a slate of less comedy-centic podcasts. One of the episodes featured a switcheroo where the show's normal host was interviewed by guest host Paul F. Tompkins. It was on that episode where I learned that Paul has a gift for sitting on the other side of the table, as it were, so seeing him as the straightish man of Lauren's (can I call her Lauren?) inaugural episode was not a shock, but a delightful and sorta nostalgic surprise.


    This show's overall premise is delightful, and the thought that occurred to me was, wouldn't it be amazing if Grant-Lee Phillips came back to host a new special episode of Shortwave where he interviews American musical superstar Regina Crimp?

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