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  1. I love episodes that don't necessarily escalate into absurdity but still maintain their hilarity throughout. Wengert's devotion to his simple premise, couched in new-agey spiritual nonsense, worked perfectly. I can't wait to check out the oral history of this episode on Netflix!

  2. I feel like by the time we get to a new U2 album, we'll be saying it's been a while since the last U2 album! But there are clearly still topics to be covered, if we have any hopes of this truly being the encyclopedic compendium of all things U2.


    In particular, I am wondering why Adam Scott Aukerman hasn't welcomed friend of Earwolf, the Vicar of Yanks, into the studio, to discuss "Cavity Search", his classic parody of U2's "Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me"!


    They can get into the real important questions... when did Weird Al first hear of U2? What are the names of the band members? Does he love films? What's his fuckstyle (is it a parody of somebody else's fuckstyle)? I know I'm itching to learn the answers to these questions (and more?)

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  3. Neither had I, but a firm googling reveals that the company that had been providing support for KPCS decided to get out of the podcasting business. Kevin seems to have a long-standing friendship with Jeff and Scott, and Earwolf has all of the necessary infrastructure in place (hosting, live streaming, advertising), so this seems like a perfect fit.


    Is this what is known in the showbiz industry as a "get"? Or is that when a former child star is arrested on drug possession charges?

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  4. I had a feeling after I posted this that I was going to ruffle film buffs feathers ...geez


    There there, this is a safe space! I don't think anyone was jumping on you personally. Allow me to welcome you to the fold. To somebody swimming into the deeper waters of film, as it were, Cronenberg (and Videodrome in particular) can be system shockers. Definitely a unique filmmaker presenting an insane view of the world, but it's an internally consistent insanity for the most part. With a few exceptions, HDTGM episodes tend towards those films which are just an illogical mess inside and out.

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