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  1. Playing It Straight




    And here I was thinking, "surely nobody would be crass enough to actually do a series like that." I have been thusly educated. Ah well.


    I wish I could provide proper attribution, though the image came to my attention already blocked out like that. I can't seem to track down the original source, maybe they blurred their own face, as it were? Some Realitywood big shot testing the waters, gauging public reaction of an idea before pitching it for realzies?


    I thought I made an effort to indicate I was not claiming credit in my original post, but I will definitely keep in mind that old adage: "When you steal from thieves, make sure you don't miss."


    Further research indicates that Fox may have even been beaten to the punch by Bravo, who produced a gay romance reality series a year earlier where some of the bachelors were actually straight, unbeknownst to the main guy: Boy Meets Boy.

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  2. I think that the best Wes Anderson movie is the Darjeeling Limited


    Whereas I feel it's his least, being a hodge-podge of ideas already explored in his previous films, and none as well or as thoroughly.


    Fortunately, he then went on to make The Fantastic Mr. Fox, which is one of my favorite movies ever.


    Still haven't seen Moonrise Kingdom.

  3. Hi guys!


    I was working in a video store when this movie hit VHS. I remember being forced by the production company to stick disclaimer stickers on all 80 copies because a sculptor named Frederick Hart's masterpiece "ex nihilo" was predominantly featured without his consent. I had to place stickers on the movie covers for the rental copies and WB had to cut the scene out before it was released for sale. Here's an old article I found about it. I hated that movie even more after all those stupid stickers. http://www.variety.c...e/VR1117467814/



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  4. I thought for sure that this new one would just be called "6". The name of the seventh should just be a "Vrooom!" sound effect, and it'll just be referred to by whatever the color of the background on the poster is, like "Fast and the Furious: Orange" or something, like every 2nd or 3rd Weezer album.


    Or maybe take the Swedish softcore arthouse approach and do a two-parter called "I Am Furious: Blue" and "I Am Furious: Yellow".

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  5. I love these guys and the show was super fun. BUT. To be fair, there wasn't a guest and we had no idea they were going to ask us for topics. Had we know the show was going to be audience-driven, I'm sure we would have all come up with more interesting ideas. YOU have a few drinks and try to come up with a science-themed question when your heroes are staring at you in front of a room full of fellow fans.


    Tig and the gang DE.LI.VER. every single week! Is it too much to ask you, the fans, to be on for just one night!?


    /hyperbole off