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  1. This movie is highly highly HIGHLY flawed, but I do own it, because I guess I have a soft spot for Brendan Frasier (Blast From the Past is a lot of fun, he plays dopey non-threatening hunk very well) and any animation directed by Henry Selick (who had previously overseen The Nightmare Before Christmas later went on to do Coraline). Plus, it's got some surprisingly great physical comedy c/o Chris Kattan, literally the only thing he's ever done that makes me laugh.

  2. You're probably aware of this already, but there was an Ed Grimley cartoon in the late 80s, with voices from tons of SCTV alums and Jonathan Winters. And unlike every other cartoon adaption of that era, it was really, really funny. (I wrote way too many words about this show here.)




    Great write-up. My dad was one of those few adults aware of the show's existence, and we probably have a few episodes on dusty Betamax tapes somewhere. I know the show's theme song still lives in the back of my brain.


    Edit: and let it live on!


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    We were the Pioneer Dancers (my elementary school mascot) and I don't remember winning, so I'd guess we did not. But we just loved shaking it to Space Jam




    In true internet fashion, the Quad City DJs song has been forcibly cross-pollinated with all manner of other geeky songs to create some truly marvelous chimeras.



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  4. I completely agree with Jeff about celebrity chefs. It's sooo terrible when a famous chef wants to talk to me while I'm eating really really expensive food. I can't even count how many times this has happened to me. I also hate when the doorman says "hello" to me. Just open the door and leave me alone. Don't even get me started on orphans either. Get some parents already.*




    It's enough to make a guy fly private!

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  5. and at the risk of getting beaten up, i'm just gonna say that it would be super cool to get ryan stiles or colin mochrie on too.


    Well, I've been rewatching Reno 911! and was delighted to find that Ryan Stiles appeared in one episode as an LA officer/acting coach visiting to help train the deputies to better carry out stings.

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  6. Patent trolls are pretty fucking awful, but moreso the patent system which allows this kind of shit. Hey gang, everybody better stop talking, cuz I hold the patent on arranging words in sequence as a means of expressing complex thoughts.

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  7. Oof, this was a hard one. I love Billy, but Matt Besser is pretty unpleasant in this episode. I was hoping for Bjork and got Pope Benedict instead.


    Whereas I've always been torn about Bjork, but I was fully on board for Frosty. Poor guy, being made of snow really messes with one's perception of time.

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  8. Yo, Lander - check yourself! That rationale of "men are disgusting, this is a good reason for ladies to cover up" is the exact same attitude that enables rape and all kinds of bad shit. It gives men licence to be horrible, since the implicit message is that all men are creeps, and all women know this, and any woman that doesn't dress to protect herself from that is asking for it. Not necessarily saying anything about burkas/hijabs/niqabs, but that rationale is WACK AS FUCK.


    I'm sensing potential for a spin-off podcast, "Yo, is This Rapist?"

  9. watched Jaws BluRay last night. great film. a couple of thoughts:


    are the shooting stars that appear in the background of the Orca scenes from the original?


    I've heard that they were real. A fortunate coincidence which Spielberg eventually started deliberately adding to his other projects (like a good luck charm of sorts?)


    i had to stop the disc a couple of times and each time i started it up again it went to the main menu. getting back to the right spot was a lot more involved than if i'd been watching it on a trusty ol' VHS.


    That's weird, though... every Blu-Ray player I've ever owned (all both of them) remembered where I was if I had to stop something mid-watch.