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  1. This looks like a homemade remake of "Friday the 13th Part 2" that someone was inspired to make after watching "Scream", only any cleverness at all would begin and end with characters repeatedly mentioning how they'd seen "Scream". "We're talking about a horror movie in a horror movie! That's so ironic!", only of course it isn't, but this was also about the time that the Internet definition of ironic became "the exact opposite of ironic".


    Well, to be fair, "metatextual" is kinda hard to type.

  2. Only 2 comments? Hopefully people are just getting to this episode slowly because of Garlin's show and the bonus CBB. One of the best episodes yet. Jen was great as always and the clips were amazing.



    - The titular line, the musical version of which is totally stuck in my head now

    - Jen's story about her dad killing at M-Bar

    - The entire "Puttin' on the Hits" discussion. DO IT, JEN!


    Agreed on all points. That "19" performance remains pretty damn amazing, too.

  3. Aliens land in a lady's swimming pool. wackiness insues. Big hair and dayglow colors. 80's commercial references and a completely unnecessary dance off. This movie couldn't be any better and I haven't even talked about Geena Davis and Jeff Goldblum yet...


    You should check out the episode of The Fogelnest Files with Julie Brown! She talks a bit about how indeed did this movie get made?



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  4. At first I was excited at the prospect of being famous for a week, but 3 days in and I'm really starting to feel like I've been cursed. I enjoyed the attention of the paparazzi at first; mugging for the cameras, shooting the shit with the photogs. I skipped to the front of the line of club after club. I slept with more women than I could count. The drugs were everywhere. But these days, I feel empty. My friends stopped coming around when the handouts ran dry. My family stopped speaking to me. I spend my days in a mostly-unfurnished Italian-style villa, with only the landscapers and housekeepers as my company.


    I remember the day I submitted my plugs theme with wide eyed innocence. "Maybe one day, Scott will play it, and I'll be famous for a week," I thought to myself.


    Be careful what you wish for.


    You'll always be the Pharaoh Wizard to me.

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  5. This episode just proves that Besser's in the pocket of Big Improv! It was good to get some Potential Yesand action on the podcast.


    Thank you, also, for going into the guns/cars equivalency. It gets tossed around so much in these discussions, and is so absurd, that I relish any mockery made of the mere premise.

  6. Augh, no, #1 pet peeve of 2012 rears its head again! More mispronunciation of "Gangnam Style". I know that "ngn" throws people off, but it's really not that hard! Just stick a hyphen in there.


    Gang-nam Style. Not "Gangum Style". Gang-nam.


    Also, I am sorry to report (though through second-hand sources) that the fabled nut shot in "Parental Guidance" is even worse than discussed.


    Not only does it include Billy Crystal.

    Not only does it include an overweight child.

    Not only does it include Billy Crystal berating that overweight child.

    Not only does it include Billy Crystal taking a baseball bat to the crotch.

    After taking the crotch shot, Billy Crystal then proceeds to vomit onto the overweight child.


    I wish I was kidding.

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  7. Also, seriously, what is with the director, Lee Tamahori? He made maybe one or two good movies ("Once Were Warriors" and "The Edge"), then ever since has made crap; he's also responsible for "Die Another Day" and that "xXx" sequel even Vin Diesel didn't want to do.


    This also happened with another director that worked with Nick Cage around the same time. Alex Proyas made two of the best dark fantasy flicks of the 90s, The Crow and Dark City. Then he made the awful I, Robot with Will Smith and most recently, Knowing with Nicholas Cage.


    It's like there's a pre-emptive Cage curse.

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