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  1. Are the t-shirts themselves some hilariously meta joke as well? Did he actually make any shirts? I sort-of twigged it was a joke interview as soon as Woliner said that Jay Leno was a beloved late night figure, but joke interviews are often required to be funny, and that just wasn't.


    If the shirts are real, they suck. If they're not, I don't think anyone will be knocking Andy Kaufman off his anti-comedy pedestal any time soon.


    Well, to be fair, being any good is not a pre-requisite for being beloved.

  2. Werner Herzog's John Grisham's The Pancake Man Starring Werner Herzog as said Pancake Man and one of the Flapjacks:

    The Pancake Man


    And I hope I'm not reading too much into it, but it sounds like they set up a sequel as well!


    Werner Herzog's John Grisham's The Pancake Man Starring Werner Herzog as said Pancake Man and One of the Flapjacks


    The Pancake Man 2: Sleepless Nights Spending/Solving Mysteries With Living Statues - A Viking Funeral, Introducing Billy the Effeminate Friend

  3. Just another example of why I think a show where multiple people all do impressions of the same person at once would be one of the funniest things ever (see also duelin' Cosbies on I4H and duelin' Johnny Carsons on Sklarbro Country... I think they hit four simultaneous Carsons in one episode.. oh, and duelin' Trumps on Blastoff!)

  4. This is why I was waiting for all the Harry Potter movies to come out... every subsequent release from like the 4th on, they'd update their various box sets. Actually, anime companies figured it out a long time ago... you know how much product you're going to be releasing over an unknown time frame, so sell the first volume bundled with a box that is large enough to eventually hold them all!


    Thanks for taking one for the team, though, PlanB. Guess I'm waiting til next year for Bat's Man as well.

  5. any listeners wanna weigh in on who they think will win the competition shows (top chef, the challenge, voice, x factor, survivor)? Hayes and I are thinking of doing a prediction episode with our best guesses for each one. would you be into that?



    let us know if you want any guidance in this endeavor (this is hayes)


    How come Sean and Hayes aren't tagged as hosts on the forums? Get on that, mods!

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  6. Yes the other one is equally ridiculous if not more over the top. Laura Herring (Rita in Mullholland Drive) plays a amazonian princess on a mission to raise awareness about some evil company trying to destroy her precious land. I am on a mission to watch it again but I'm afraid to watch it as an adult. I can't find any good clips online but here's the trailer




    Lambadas producers sued this movie and they had to change the name.( according to imdb trivia) It's also known as The Forbidden Dance is Lambada.


    Hell they could even do this movie. There's a lot of material between the two.


    Double feature episode!


    It Takes Two to Tango Lambada!

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  7. You guys have to do, A Christmas Story 2.


    I like how in the trailer it points out that this is the official sequel, and not to be confused with the unofficial sequel, like there is one. this just looks terrible.



    Well, there actually was a sequel to "Christmas Story" already, in fact, with the same director and Jean Shepherd narrating, but with a completely different cast:




    There were also a handful of PBS teleplays based on other stories he'd written, again involving the same family but with different actors.


    Whatever this new thing is seems to be about as far from official as possible, making its existence even more insulting.

  8. Want a bit of variation? How does a video designed to promote breast feeding by way of a childrens story written by a lunatic to whom 'whimsical' is a thing that happens to other people sound? Like this, of course:




    Oh my god, I love you! I was made aware of Hathor the Cow Goddess in the early, heady days of the internet when Geocities still existed and every lunatic could build their own garish webpage (note: I don't remember if hers was on Geocities or not--irrelevant). Completely forgot about her until now.

  9. Gypped is racist? Seriously? You do realize that gypsies are not a race or a nationality but are a culture of people that have factions throughout the world that are defined by a shared history of nomadic communalism that has traditionally survived on flim-flammery and grift. That there are people today who call themselves "gypsies", whether they actually live in such a commune or merely claim the ancestry, who are not criminals is irrelevant and claiming offense at the term would be like the Gotti kids taking umbrage at the term "mobbed".









    She is so awesome! My dad played her albums when I was a wee'un so they're etched into a cozy part of my mind. I'm so glad she's remained sane, especially in light of the discussion about Victoria Jackson.


    I hold her in esteem alongside Cassandra Peterson (Elvira) and Cyndi Lauper as awesome 80's lady icons who've only become more awesome as time has gone on.


    Edit: P.S. I am proud to serve in my capacity as one of the nice people on the Earwolf forum!

  11. Paul F. Tompkins

    Eddie Pepitone


    Greg Proops... actually I am morbidly curious how anyone known from Whose Line (US or British incarnations! what's Mike McShane up to these days?) does in a long-form improv setting.


    Edit: Eric the Formerly Paid Intern! You know you wanna.