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    I think this is exactly why there's an issue. you see the forum as that, but I think that a lot of us, I know i do, see the forums as a community of fans that want to get together and talk about something they love and enjoy, that includes discussions and disagreements and shit but you're offering nothing with your post. maybe you should just tweet at scott, it's probably more likely he'll see it

    Anyway, today I was reminded why I don't use internet forums.


    I'm with you on this, but the thing that bugs me the most about all the negative posts is that most of them arn't criticism. they make no points at all, everyone just boils down to "didn't like it!". and that's just useless and negative for no reason, I'll happily out myself as one of the people who didn't really like this episode either, so i can understand the feeling, but what's the point of just coming here to shit on it without offering any kind of reasoning or argument. It's pretty telling that more often than not these posts are coming from people brand new accounts or barely any posts, I'm not trying to sound elitist but i don't give a shit how long you've listened, if you start an account expressly to shit on something you can fuck off. (that's not aimed specifically at you gregmsna)


    I'll say i wasn't really into this episode for a couple of reasons, one, I miss it anytime there isn't some kind of character, the same way i miss it when they don't play would you rather or some other kind of game. it's not a deal breaker but it'll always be disappointing. but more specifically to the episode i just wasn't that into the whole dynamic, something about scott and ben alone just didn't work for me, maybe it was just to manic and not really about anything, another reason why i think it needed someone else, character or not, to break it up a little. don't get me wrong i love ben schwartz some of his episodes are in my all time favorites (pulled bjork sandwich) and i realy really love when he and scott sing together. I just got tired of it pretty quick but hey, it's a bbbbonuusss ep right?



    Fair enough. I love Scott and Ben, but this episode (well, of what I listened to) felt like they were really just leaning on some pretty easy crutches - fart noises and spontaneous singing, to fill time. If you're into that, then great! If it got better after the first 1/4, then fuck me, I'm an idiot for unplugging. I personally didn't see it getting better from there, especially without anyone else coming on to break it up, so I turned it off. I only wrote how long I've listened to the show to let them know that I'm a fan and not here to just straight up shit on them. I wrote the post because I love the show, and I don't want it to get worse, so I thought I would let them know that.

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    This is the only part of this message that annoys me. You don't like the episode? Fine. It's the hectoring tone to Scott on some these critical posts that is bothersome.


    Nothing wrong with criticism IMO, but there's a way to say something without being rude.



    Hectoring? Talking to someone in a bullying way (source: www.google.com)? I said please! I very rarely comment on this (or any) forum, but this is the entire reason they have them: to let them know what's working and what isn't. Download numbers don't really say shit, but telling them "eh, maybe not, guys" does. I wrote my post in the same tone that I would tell a friend to stop staring at these girls I brought to the party, you're really creeping them out. It wasn't trolling, and it definitely wasn't to get into a conversation with THIS guy.

  4. "He looked me straight in the face and said, "Honestly, I can't do this shit anymore."... made me laugh harder than anything in weeks on CBB. I'm all for Jon Gabrus becoming a regular. I loved the Long Island name dropping too; Mulcahy's being the most surprising. Good episode, and I'm looking forward to watching Pete Holmes laugh at everything for a half hour every night on TBS.

  5. Just a little 'vice (this is a shorter, abbreviated word for "advice" to make this post quicker for you to read), Scott, while you're on the marketing tip: try to talk less about your wife. You want to make yourself seem available to the 14-20 female demographic, and they just hate it when the guy that they have hanging up in their lockers already has a love interest.

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