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    Episode 249.5 — Minisode 249.5

    You may be thinking of Great Pretender, which Jason talks about in the last 20 minutes of the episode. It's on Netflix.
  2. The earliest Red Letter Media review is from April 2012; HDTGM debuted in December 2010.
  3. I didn't realize there was an updated list. Pinned that thread instead!
  4. I pinned it to the top of the HDTGM forum. @Cameron H.'s initial post has the full list.
  5. DanEngler

    Plugs Not Drugs

    I edited your post so the Soundcloud player appears, but you'll need to make the track downloadable.
  6. DanEngler

    What happened to 222 in Portland part of tour?

    They have a large number of live shows in reserve. This week's episode is Swordfish, which was recorded live in Denver on August 25, 2018.
  7. DanEngler

    Trailer Talk

    Ignore Joe Manganiello giving off serious Tick-Tock Man vibes here and tell me if that's the actual Paul Scheer at 00:34?
  8. DanEngler

    The Forum Forum

    Episodes older than six months are only available with a Stitcher Premium subscription. You can get a free month by using the promo code EARWOLF when signing up.
  9. DanEngler

    I Wanna Sex You Up

    It's #237 Filipino Blockbuster with Eugene Cordero playing Tito Ben.
  10. DanEngler

    Episode 241: Ninja III: The Domination

    Cottage cheese.
  11. DanEngler

    Blade Runner

    Griffin Newman (of The Tick and the great movie podcast Blank Check) started something of a movement among actors who have played cops and, in doing so, helped normalized cop-as-hero narratives. It's heartening to see them contribute to the cause. 100%, which is why I also love Blade Runner 2049. To me, the slow sequences that Amy called out are gorgeous and meditative.
  12. DanEngler

    Episode 74 - Rob Lowe

    You can find them if you search Twitter and/or Instagram for the hashtag #lilsleepinguy. Be aware, however, that there are some things that you can never unsee.
  13. Episodes older than six months are only available on Stitcher Premium. If you sign up at stitcher.com/premium using the promo code IMPROV, you'll get a month free.
  14. DanEngler

    Episode 239 - Cool World

    I think it's because you have the Grammarly browser extension installed, which has a habit of doing bad things to forum formatting. I fixed your post from earlier.
  15. DanEngler

    Are there only premium podcasts now?

    Click the Share (arrow) button in the upper right corner of the player embedded on the episode page. There should be a download option in the menu. If you don't see those buttons, try using a different browser or temporarily disabling your ad blocker.
  16. DanEngler

    Episode 66 - D'Arcy Carden

    Matt Gourley shared it on Instagram.
  17. DanEngler

    Episode 236.5 — Prequel to Episode 237

    Weird, the "Share" menu is completely missing for me in Firefox but shows up in other browsers. I corrected my earlier post.
  18. DanEngler

    Episode 236.5 — Prequel to Episode 237

    The "Download" links have been broken since Earwolf switched to Omny for hosting, which provides no way of downloading files via their player or web site UI. Your best bet is to use something like Player.fm, which has a hidden "Download/Open" option under the "…" menu. Or you could subscribe to the RSS feed in a normal RSS reader like Feedly. Correction: Something about my Firefox config prevents the "Share" menu from showing up in the embedded player, but there's a "Download" option there in Safari and Chrome.
  19. 12 Monkeys. 28 Days Later (I haven't seen 28 Weeks Later.) The recent Planet of The Apes prequels technically count and are decent.
  20. DanEngler


    Heads up: Amy & Paul called an audible and they'll be covering Rear Window on this week's episode.
  21. DanEngler

    Upcoming Episodes

    Heads up: Amy & Paul called an audible and they'll be covering Rear Window on this week's episode.
  22. DanEngler

    Episode 226 - Body of Evidence: LIVE!

    According to Paul, "Episodes are released for the most part in the order they were recorded. You will get it. Eventually." They usually don't even respond in cases where they've decided to shelve the episode, e.g. Swordfish.
  23. DanEngler

    Non-political alternative to HDTGM?

    As the person charged with cleaning up the mess when real trolls show up here, OP's criticism of the show is pretty mild. HDTGM has unquestionably gotten more political since 2016, going so far as to publish minisodes about June's book and an interview with a local politician. I skipped those, not because they don't align with my politics—I'm an atheist feminist who would be delighted by either a Warren (sigh) or Sanders presidency—but because my podcast time is increasingly rare these days and I can barely keep up with the main episodes, let alone side missions. When this thread was started, I hoped it would be met with the stony silence it deserves and then forgotten, since it doesn't violate any of the stated forum rules or warrant deletion. Some of the responses are getting close, though.
  24. Paul was talking about the Richmond Anthology of Music, created by Earwolf producer Josh Richmond. He also set up the @RAMAnthology Twitter account to automatically tweet excerpts every day.