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    Some Like It Hot

    Wow, those are so good that I worry I'd travel all the way to Belgium only to discover they were photoshopped!
  2. DanEngler

    Some Like It Hot

    You say this and all I can picture is something like comedian/podcaster Erin McGathy's Julie Andrews tattoo.
  3. DanEngler

    Some Like It Hot

    I watched Some Like It Hot without knowing about any behind-the-scenes drama and I was taken aback by how great Marilyn's performance was. Not "coaxed into competence by a brilliant man-director and clever editing" great, not "playing a silly caricature like in All About Eve", but instead fully-realized humanity on display. And, for the first time, I understand the Marilyn Monroe mythos/fell in love with her a little. In comparison, Jack Lemmon is not nearly as sympathetic as he is in The Apartment (which I adore) and Tony Curtis is a straight-up dick (ahem, "cad") through most of the film. I was also surprised by how modern the movie feels. There were a handful of jokes that would have an edge to them even in 2019, so it was pretty astonishing to see them in a 1959 comedy. Twiddling my own personal bass fiddle, it was nice to finally learn the origins of the sample from this Lovage track:
  4. DanEngler

    EPISODE #223 - Disclosure (1994)

    They should be available everywhere. I'm honestly torn between wanting to use the hedgehog for its intended purpose and ONLY using hedgehogs from now on.
  5. DanEngler

    EPISODE #223 - Disclosure (1994)

    After considering many options for a symbol of "friendly encouragement about thorny issues", I've added a new reaction type that I hope everyone will find suitable.
  6. DanEngler

    EPISODE #223 - Disclosure (1994)

    While I have my own relatively mundane story about the choir director at my church (who later served a lengthy jail sentence for plying other teenage boys with alcohol and smut), I was thankfully old enough and cynical enough to see the writing on the wall and extricate myself from that nightmare-in-the-making. But I wanted to take a moment to say I'm glad all of you are here and able to turn this terrible movie into a net positive. And, if we're talking Spike Jonze dance videos, to share the greatest perfume ad of all time:
  7. Make sure you enter the password in all lowercase.
  8. DanEngler

    Episode 458 - There's Always A New Woah

    FWIW, here's what Engineer Brett posted on the Earwolf subreddit:
  9. DanEngler

    Episode 458 - There's Always A New Woah

    That's fair. One benefit of both Stitcher and Patreon is that the monthly fee grants you access to the entire back catalog, so someone could theoretically move the same $5 charge to a different subscription every month and binge on the new content there. That's too much administrative overhead for me, so I've deliberately adjusted my TV/movie/live event habits to afford multiple audio subscriptions instead.
  10. DanEngler

    Episode 458 - There's Always A New Woah

    It's a bummer, but Stitcher Premium is a way to keep shows alive when they don't publish often enough or have enough listeners to attract advertisers. The same thing happened with With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus, Raised by TV, and The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project. Howard was probably presented with the option of either moving to Premium or being canceled altogether, and he chose to keep making the show for fans willing to pay a small amount to subscribe. In my opinion (as someone who does not work for Earwolf) Stitcher Premium is worth $5/month solely to not have to listen to 5+ ads on every episode of CBB and HDTGM. But you also get access to a lot of exclusive shows like the CBB live tour, Threedom, Andy Daly's new The Great American Cabinet Of Curiosities, the Hollywood Handbook Pro Version, stand-up albums, and more stuff than you could possibly listen to in one lifetime. It's a pretty great value if you can fit it into your budget.
  11. DanEngler

    Brushy One String/Garden State mash up?

    It's here.
  12. DanEngler

    Episode 221. The Hottie and the Nottie

    They brought this up during the episode but, despite its incel-ishness, the sole credited writer is a woman named Heidi Ferrer. She apparently quit showbiz in 2008 to become a Lifestyle Brand, which might be a convenient cover story when The Hottie and The Nottie destroys your career.
  13. DanEngler

    Fateful Findings Seattle Show

    The second link is for the Seattle show.
  14. https://twitter.com/HDTGM/status/810701895262056448
  15. What happens when you follow the link? I'm prompted to enter the password and, when I do, the video player appears. As far as the movie selection goes, they probably verified that it was available for free on Prime without realizing that different Amazon regions have different streaming rights, an honest mistake for which they provided a workaround.
  16. It never occurred to me. I always figured it was from an early Grizzly Adams movie or some Guy on A Buffalo-type shit.
  17. I assume everyone has seen the article that made the rounds last month revealing that this guy is Robert Redford?
  18. DanEngler

    In Voorhees We Trust With Gourley and Rust

    Listen to Matt's recent episode of Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend. I don't remember if an exact date was mentioned, but there's more coming.
  19. DanEngler

    Plug it up!

    You only need to paste the SoundCloud URL and it will automatically embed the player. I fixed your original post. This file isn't currently downloadable, though.
  20. DanEngler


    Just the ones where people post their Plugs themes here despite me telling them to not post their Plugs themes here.
  21. Done. Everyone can now vote at the top of the page! While you're at it, you can vote on the gang's official Twitter poll too.
  22. DanEngler

    Bringing Up Baby

    Re: Paul's suggestion that the movie needs a better title, it should obviously be called "Baby's Day Out".
  23. DanEngler

    Pulp Fiction

    If you haven't checked it out yet, I enjoyed the first episode of Amy's three-part interview with Tarantino, not least of which because the "feature presentation" jingle was used as the music bed on the old Sklarbro Country and was sampled in DangerDoom's "Old School".
  24. DanEngler

    Episode 6 - Checkin In, Again...Again

    Amanda and Maria just launched their new podcast network Earios, and their press release includes this tidbit: