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  1. DanEngler

    Episode 219 — Farts and Procreation 3

    It's not delivery, it's DiGiorno.
  2. DanEngler

    Episode 129 — Professional Liar

    Kulap indicated that tomorrow's live VPN recording would feature guest Maria Bamford, but the show page on YouTube says they will instead be joined by Mr. Harris Wittels. Looking forward to it either way.
  3. DanEngler

    Episode 62.5 — Minisode 62.5

    What do you mean by "What do you mean"? Ain't NOBODY tell Jason Mantzoukas what to do! They say, "Jason, why don't you wear something different?" Zouks says "FUCK YOU. WHITE SHIRT." They say, "Jason, we're going to need to you shav--" and before they can even finish the sentence, Zouks rage-grows his beard another two inches. Polls! POLLS, he says!
  4. DanEngler

    Episode 220 — 4 PayDays & A Baby

    Send a salami to your boy in the army?
  5. DanEngler

    Episode 62.5 — Minisode 62.5

    All of you are so, so wrong. Should the gang eventually get around to reviewing The Happening, their guest should be Sklarbro County's Dan Van Kirk, doing his Mark Wahlberg impression. Happy birthday, Dan. Womp it up!
  6. DanEngler

    Episode 50 — Chris Fealy of Nerdist

    Awesome episode. It's great to hear that Earwolf has so many new things in development, but disheartening (pun intended) to learn that it's slowly killing Jeff. Enjoy your sabbatical, sir.
  7. DanEngler


    It also introduced me to the word "bastard", which did not amuse my parents nearly as much as it did eight-year-old me.
  8. DanEngler


    And Pole Position! This movie and Flight of The Navigator are inextricably linked, in the fucked-up double feature that is my childhood.
  9. DanEngler

    Episode 220 — 4 PayDays & A Baby

    If you put your ear to Lennon's belly, you can hear the Ocean. Billy Ocean. (Specifically, "Caribbean Queen".)
  10. DanEngler

    Episode 81 — Finger Fuckers

    While cute, your response doesn't actually address the question of why there are four accounts originating from your IP. Or, less deliberately obtuse, you didn't want to risk the possibility that throwing shade at Besser would affect your reputation as a self-proclaimed "rabid fan", and created a convenient anonymous account from behind which to snipe. Which would be extra ironic, given the fact that this Case Closed imbroglio began with Besser's reaction to people hiding behind online anonymity to broadcast hate about Jason Collins. Protip: Playing both the "I am a rabid fan" and "ban me I don't care" cards in the same post diminishes the credibility of either position. The bottom line is that the forums have recently experienced an influx of people registering accounts for the express purpose of shitting on a particular host or guest. Under Shannon's benevolent guidance, we take a very light touch toward moderation, and you'll note that few (if any) of them are banned for their efforts. The last thing we need are "fans" pulling the same shit. If you are, knock it off.
  11. DanEngler

    Episode 81 — Finger Fuckers

    Uh huh. And I suppose you conveniently also happen to have two additional roommates that registered the two other accounts associated with your IP address?
  12. DanEngler

    Episode 81 — Finger Fuckers

    RIP Spirit Bear, I find it totally unsurprising that you support Astartes' earlier comments, because both you and Astartes have been posting from the same IP address, in some cases only minutes apart. Would you care to explain this?
  13. DanEngler

    Episode 29 — Nothing But Net

    Shout out to Jeff Garlin for his unannounced guest spot this week. His new mixtape "Herb Your Confusiasm" drops June 1.
  14. DanEngler

    Episode 81 — Finger Fuckers

    To her credit, with a baby on the way, you should probably devote more time to watching comedy specials.
  15. Having no familiarity with Best Show, I imagine the look on my face right now is the same one I've seen on certain friends after trying to introduce them to Comedy Bang Bang…
  16. DanEngler

    Episode 146.5 — Sklarbro County 51

    I am, but I liked it a lot too. I thought there was plenty of room for Maron to be himself, but it didn't mess with the usual feel of the show like his appearance on CBB did. And DC Pierson before him, and Jen Kirkman before him. This is the Sacred Unwritten Contract of Podcasting; comedians give us so many hours of enjoyment for free, with the understanding that they will periodically carpetbomb us when they have product to move. Counting down from 1, Rule #-3 of podcasts is "It's okay to turn it off if you're not feeling it."
  17. DanEngler

    Episode 62 — Joyful Noise

    I honestly expected this to go the other way, with a response like:
  18. DanEngler

    Episode 62 — Joyful Noise

    I'll just leave this here… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOwblaKmyVw (Not a Miley Cyrus fan, but I think this is pretty great. Dolly Parton is apparently her godmother.)
  19. DanEngler

    Let June speak!

    This statement has all the advantages of being insulting, deliberately obtuse, and wrong. Congratulations! HTDGM is not a "comedy podcast"; it is a movie discussion podcast hosted by comedians. Given their preparation beforehand, their critical analysis, and their attempts to divine the intent of those responsible for insane artistic choices, it's more or less the opposite of a "riff-fest". NachoMother, to your point, there was a recent (and lengthy) discussion of June getting cut off in the comments for the Spice World episode. Rest assured, plenty of other listeners agree with you.
  20. DanEngler

    Episode 1 — Cat Ranch Chaos

    Cat Boss!
  21. I'm starting up a Case Closed Fantasy League, and my first round draft pick is: @mattbesser vs. @TimTebow: Why The Jets Suck
  22. DanEngler

    Episode 28 — No Blacks, No Jews, No Asians

    This is the first episode I've listened to (I'm barely able to stay on top of my 36 other podcasts subscriptions at the moment) thanks to PFT's endorsement of Open Mike Eagle after the Harvard & Stone fiasco. Loved the show. Now I'm going to have to decide which of the 36 others to kill so I can make room for Shots Fired in my weekly rotation. And find time to listen to the preceding 27 episodes. God damn.
  23. Both on FYI and the Bad Movie Recommendations forum, it's starting to seem like people are racing to see who can be the most hipster-blasé, with recommendations like The Avengers, or Iron Man 3, or R.I.P.D. two months before its release. If there were a proper emoticon for "wanking motion", I would be using it so hard right now.
  24. DanEngler

    Episode 103 — Photography

    Speaking of photography, the photos on this week's episode page are from last week's episode with Jackie Kashian.