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    Episode 166 — Farts and Procreation 2

    Advance kudos to whomever designs the "Blaise & Rod's Blazin' Rods Climpton Machine Machines" company logo.
  2. DanEngler

    Episode 83 — Nick Tunes

    Every time someone mentions Japandroids, I think they're talking about The Japan Dogs...
  3. DanEngler

    Episode 101.5 — Sklarbro County 6

    It may be poor form to admit this, but I think I've grown to love County even more than The Old Country. Dan Van Kirk knocks it out of the park every single show. Back on topic, Yount's Jamiroquai bit from this episode had me crying.
  4. DanEngler

    HAVIN' A SUMMAH 2012!

    Summah Gum: 5 Gum RPM Fruit. It tastes exactly like the color yellow Red Bull! Summah Gum Runnah-Up: Orbit Mint Mojito. I realize this is in flagrant violation of Howard's rules, but how can you go wrong with a gum that tastes like a summah drink? Summah Beer: So far, the winner is 21st Century's Bitter American. Summah Buzz: Tie between a Dark n' Stormy (Gosling's Black Seal, ginger beer, lime juice) or an Old Fashioned (bourbon, Angostura bitters, slice of orange, brandied cherry) Summah Adventure: Too early to tell, but I bought tickets for the Comedy Bang! Bang! tour ~2 minutes after they went on sale!
  5. DanEngler


    I caught the first episode on IFC.com. I really like the concept of an alt. comedy game show — especially with guests like Tom Lennon — but there's a pretty stark disconnect between the contestants' participation (mostly/entirely improvised) and the host's patter (mostly/entirely scripted.) I think the show would benefit if the host were given more opportunities to riff, rather than applying a varnish of faux enthusiasm to rote teleprompter lines. It's possible that they were just trying to keep things tight for the pilot, and do loosen up in subsequent episodes.
  6. DanEngler

    Episode 162 — Best Bro Hang

    If you have an hour to spare, the fine gentlemen at RedLetterMedia have provided a scholarly dissection of Adam Sandler's abysmal film career scam. At once, both enlightening and depressing.
  7. DanEngler

    Episode 79 — Dinosaur Curmudgeon

    Somebody needs to create a mashup of both Reggie Watts's and Bob Odenkirk's interpretations of Transformers.
  8. DanEngler

    Episode 161 — Highly Illogical

    Guys, I hate to mention this, but I still haven't been able to take advantage of that amazing deal on Popcorn.com. Every time I try, the server appears to be down due to overwhelming demand...
  9. DanEngler

    Episode 161 — Highly Illogical

    I was just thinking the other day: "Earwolf provides me and 100,000+ other people with 8-10 hours of free audio every week. In an economic climate where advertising revenue — especially online advertising revenue — has bottomed out, I'd be surprised if sponsorships even offset the expense of transferring hundreds of GB of data per week." I know what you're thinking - the success or failure of Earwolf's business model is not my problem! But if the business falters, so too goes the comedy. Ergo, rather than complain, I have chosen to grit my teeth and endure the sisyphean task of listening to a 60-second Pepsi spot.
  10. DanEngler

    Official iOS Earwolf app stuck at loading

    I've verified that the app is indeed working properly on my end. Thanks!
  11. DanEngler

    Official iOS Earwolf app stuck at loading

    The root cause appears to be the fact that the SSL certificate for https://www.earwolf.com expired on 5/31. SSL requests to Earwolf to retrieve the latest show data are failing as a result. There's some additional weirdness going on with failed requests to testflightapp.com. Those don't appear to be mission-critical, although TestFlight is primarily used to distribute apps among beta testers (i.e. before a new version of the app is available to the public) so they shouldn't be required in the public app. Probably just an innocuous artifact of the QA process. Disclaimer: I'm not an Earwolf employee, just a web and mobile app designer/developer/tester.
  12. DanEngler


    For a moment, I thought this was a new CBB catchphrase suggestion…
  13. DanEngler

    Episode 78 — G the D a C

    New entries for the Chartionary: Digi-alb Wikipeteor Charnaball
  14. DanEngler

    CBB 1st episode online. Date? Time?

    I'm afraid to admit that I wasn't 100% convinced by the initial trailer but, after watching the Amy Poehler episode, I have to admit that you got me. GOD DAMMIT, Aukerman...you got me! Another notch on your Season Pass belt. Always on Fridays, Comedy Bang Bang. Never on Thursdays, Comedy Bang Bang.
  15. DanEngler

    Episode 159 — Apicklelypse

    I liked Alison's quiet "In a world without pickles, the pickle-legged man is king", which neither Scott nor Jason seem to have noticed. Edit: I would also like to add that, despite its detractors, the WARS WITH FRIENDS saga is the most riveting CBB event since Eyemergency.
  16. DanEngler

    Show us your Earwolf swag!!

    Where's the animated GIF of you performing the very gesture you are responsible for naming?
  17. DanEngler

    Episode 158 — Words with Friends

    Many of Gillian's mannerisms, involuntary groans, and her general antipathy toward Scott have a decidedly Womplerian bent. I wonder if she's actually Marissa's long-lost older sister…
  18. DanEngler

    Thanks, Earwolf. Thearwolf.

    The web is all too frequently used as a mechanism for assholes to anonymously trash creators. Flying in the face of this trend, I want to take a moment to thank Scott, Jeff, and the rest of the Earwolf crew for providing hundreds (if not thousands) of hours of comedy to the world. 90% of my weekly entertainment arrives in the form of podcasts and other independently-produced content, and Earwolf is responsible for much of it. To give all this away for free seems to verge on insanity; I hope it pays dividends in other aspects of the business. We are all Fourvels, and you have given us nothing but the finest scraps. Thanks again.
  19. DanEngler

    Earwolf Hoodies

    No worries, Mr. Ullrich. Put me down for two should they make a triumphant return! (Although, except for a few weeks in August, it's always hoodie season here in the PNW. And think of the poor Australians…)
  20. DanEngler

    Earwolf Hoodies

    I concur. By the time I learned they existed, they were already sold out in my size. (L)
  21. DanEngler

    Episode 74 — Engorged Heart Clit

    Is this the first time a guest has asked why an (ostensibly) male goose lays eggs? I've waited so long for this moment.
  22. DanEngler

    Episode 73.5 — 4/27/12 TWO CHARTED 12

    I think they're just trying to maintain the illusion of impartiality until a final decision is made. Besides, if "thumbping" is the de facto terminology, take comfort from the fact that Howard is ruled by inertia. How long has he bemoaned the (supposed) inferiorty of the "Wie-Wie Chart" theme, yet still it remains unchanged?
  23. DanEngler

    Episode 156 — Anniversary Party!

    An episode filled with so much comedy gold that Alan Rickman may attempt to steal it! I didn't think it would be possible to top the Comedy Bang Bang Two Year Anniversary Celebration, but this is a worthy uhh… A worthy uhh… A worthy uhh… A worthy uhh…
  24. DanEngler

    Something's wrong with the Earwolf Site

    Yes, it's happening because Wordpress (the CMS they use to publish Earwolf.com) has accidentally cached a server error instead of the CSS file that dictates the visual style of the site. Specifically: http://cdn2.earwolf....ss?m=1329375316 They just need to purge this cached file, which I assume happens automatically whenever a new episode of any podcast is published. Unfortunately, I don't think that will happen until 12:00 AM Monday. Somebody light the WolfSignal. Edit: WolfSignal already answered!