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  1. aperkins95

    Writers Wanted!

    Yes it is!
  2. aperkins95

    Writers Wanted!

    Hi there, I am currently looking for writers who would like to write for an entertainment website! The website is focused on all types of art (music, film, comedy, books, etc.) As of the moment, there are two writers working on the site and we would like to add more onto the team! No experience is needed. If you are interested please e-mail me at: amyperkinsonline@hotmail.com THANKS! I hope to hear from you! -Amy
  3. aperkins95

    I Need Writers!

    Hi there! I am a comedy writer and I want to launch my own comedy site soon so that others can see my writing! I want to gather a team of writers so that I can make it more of a community comedy site rather than just one of all MY work. I would like to give spotlight to other comedic writers like myself who are trying to make a name for themselves. Here is what the site will include: MAIN PAGE -Jokes about the news (Daily) -Spotlight Post: a spotlight post is a weekly post about one of the writers! Each writer will get to post a small scene they wrote, or jokes they've recently written, or whatever they want to add to their spotlight post! (Weekly) SKETCH PAGE -Sketches recently written by the writing team -Ideas -Cold Opens -Advice WRITING TEAM PAGE -Here each writer gets their own biography section! Each writer can customize their 'about me' section however they would like! If you're interested, please e-mail me at: amyperkinsonline@hotmail.com This site will be up soon so let me know!! P.S. This will be all online so there is no need for physically meeting! It's all online!
  4. aperkins95

    Earwolf Street Team?

    I recently saw this website and they had a "street team" where they accept applications for members! A street team are members who get free merchandise and promote it by wearing it around, passing out stickers, handing out flyers, and such! EARWOLF NEEDS A STREET TEAM!
  5. aperkins95

    Twiddle My Fiddle.

    Twiddle My Fiddle
  6. Well hello. I didn't see you there. Do you have weird stuff that happens to you everyday? Well, I WANT YOU! I'm doing a podcast show called, "I'm Not That Weird" which is about the embarrasing things that happen to me or the weird people and conversations I encounter everyday! I'm looking for a podcast partner so let me know! E-mail me at: amyperkinsonline@hotmail.com OR send me a message on here! Thanks, Amy
  7. Hey, I would do it. I am, sadly, a Hoosier though. (If that matters) Here's my e-mail: amyperkinsonline@hotmail.com Let me know if you would like me to do it! Sounds fun! -Amy
  8. aperkins95

    Comedy Site!

    Hi everyone! My name is Amy (obviously)! I am going to start a comedy website soon and was wondering if there were any writers interested? What Would You Do? Good question, Tom. Well, I was wanting to have writers write short little funny stories about once a week. Then have maybe a spotlight stand up special for each writer on the site maybe once a week. This means you can send in your funny stories, jokes, and such. Each week, we can talk a little about the writer and how funny you are and then post your stories. I can even make an extra page for short bio's if you guys want so everyone knows who the writers are! I was also maybe wanting to stay updated with the stories of the comedy community. BUT, I can do that on my own if you are more interested in just writing your jokes. I think it would be a great place to get your jokes out there. PLUS, with Twitta (Twitter), and Facebook it can definitley get promoted... LET ME KNOW IF YOU'RE INTERESTED! E-mail me at: amyperkinsonline@hotmail.com OR send me a message on here. Hope to hear from you all! (No, I am not going to say y'all)