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  1. michaelm

    Episode 87 — Fake Laughing

    Excellent Matt.
  2. michaelm

    Episode 75 — Global Warming

    Yeah, Steven Yates is back. "Our favor...One of our favorite guests" Great episode...from strangled dogs to Trump to Al Gay-ore riding a pink bicycle with a banana seat. Kyle: I keep on looking for the Twitter feeds you read from... P.S. The Blastoff shirt is the most comfortable shirt I own...
  3. Grant...great show..Pete Yorn?
  4. michaelm

    Episode 178 — Motor Boating Around Town

    Didn't Seth used to be Pete? I was watching "Bridesmaids" yesterday and I had no idea Womp was in it. Scott-please give lennon and Womps a show. Your friend Michael
  5. michaelm

    Episode 178 — Motor Boating Around Town

    NBC should always be in last place for ratings after getting rid of BFF. Jessica and Lennon are the absolute best. I woke up at 4 am and I frigging had the biggest smile on my face because of your guests.
  6. michaelm

    Episode 112 — Now Connotes Today

    Great show guys...Fantastic guest.
  7. I freaking almost predicted this episode last week in the comments.was hoping for danielle S. with Lenon and Jessica. Jason M is just as good.
  8. michaelm

    Episode 41 — Surf Lingo

    Matt..maybe an all female cast of char.? Danielle, lennon and maybe Jessica St. Claire?
  9. michaelm

    Episode 109 — Imported Lady Energy

    Julie K...great guest...great New Yorker. Don't try and steal her. J Nash was frigging hysterical
  10. michaelm

    Episode 41 — Surf Lingo

    3 am EST...alarm(phone) set every Thurs morn. Ha! Matt, it is so funny how these guys are so subtle with their tie-ins. It's kind of endearing.
  11. michaelm

    Episode 65 — Free For All/ Tig Update

    Kyle: Finally a real message sent (as opposed to your "tweets"). I am you. I would do the same thing for my best friend. Tig has so much support and I am delighted (cause I Love her indefinitely). But I wanted to say how frigging admirable it is of you. I do not spread out love so thin, so may I say...I was here for episode one and I love you all immensely.
  12. michaelm

    Episode 106.5 — Sklarbro County 11

    I have to say...not into the County. Loved Jay and Rand for well over 12 years (from Monday @ Largo). It's Sklar County, not Dan. This is the 4th episode where I have tried to keep my mouth shut. Why is this guy talking so much? He is not even a given or Givens for that matter. Let him do research. we heard the drunk girl situation 3 too many times. Guys...this is your brand and he is crushing to boredom.
  13. Tiglet...2 minutes in and I'm a fucking mess-Tito just handed me some tissue-continue. Much love, MM When all the autistic shouting and Tig was like "I have Cancer"..hysterical You know how a tag line in "Strangers with Candy" was God dammit Jerri? The same should be on PB with Aaron. It's 5 stages of grief...Kubler-ross "God dammit Aaron" Steven Yates was a great guest...aut spec: mmiceli0924@gmail
  14. michaelm

    Episode 170 — New Scoop

    Dear Lennon:you were robbed by NBC as were so many. I hope you and Whompler can make and star in a new show. (Or the same) for a secure time slot. Great show Scott When I think of Martin S. I think of the grilled cheese ep. from F&G, and I weep uncontrollably.
  15. michaelm

    Episode 105.5 — Sklarbro County 10

    Guys...I fricking am a tremendous fan- I knew you from old Largo in 99-ish. But this prompted me to write....I gave every cool person I knew a copy of "Mysteries of Pittsburgh". I love that we are so in sync <---playing alexi murdoch solidified everything. A fan since episode 1. Michael M
  16. michaelm

    Episode 63 — Relationships

    Too short you guys. I set my alarm for 3 am (EST) every tues because I love you all so much (even AAron) and I need this elixir of your banter to guide my day. I was clenched up man when Tig began her horror. David, you are so wise, I feel she has had so much bullshit recently that maybe she is setting off other tests. I love you Tig...I feel extremely positive for you. Kyle...you are so eccentric and loving...even if you shout it. Show idea: I worked at the old Largo from 98-2000. I find it strangely compelling that almost every comedian is staunch in their belief of atheism or scoffs at the fact of no God. Can you expound? I think Patton is one of these nay sayers. Personally, i was raised Catholic/now agnostic. Much love, Michael M
  17. michaelm

    Episode 169 — Immortal Mustache

    PFT and Buddy (cakeBoss) were not skating on thin icing. I love hearing Paul crack up. If you listen on good earphones, you just die laughing along with them
  18. michaelm

    Episode 62 — Fame

    I set my alarm for 3 :05 am (NYtime).. I just need to hear the dulcet sounds of a show which makes me permanently smile. I am so in the weeds wondering what is going to happen to this fantastic show...once Tig moves.
  19. michaelm

    Episode 35 — I Fixed It!

    Matt HOW could you not reveal this : Regarding coffee sizes. It is a pisser...Fat Daughter...Gay Clown Dad...Ikea...Rosa Parks impersonator!!!What a great Improv 4Humans episode http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIzyPWAPaI4
  20. michaelm

    Episode 165 — Hoo-ah!

    From Largo 1999...Andy Kindler is the Best. Please Scott, get him on more often. I loved Gweneth as well.
  21. michaelm

    Episode 164 — Clifton Was Here

    Ben S and Whomp up the volume...Priceless
  22. michaelm

    Episode 164 — Clifton Was Here

    Racist Vince Scully's bolder relative
  23. Listened to the short episode and this together so maybe, wrong forum. Matt...can you post a picture of your Jewfro?I could/can not get this image out of my head. Great show man...
  24. michaelm

    Episode 74 — Engorged Heart Clit

    Howard...A Sous Chef is second in command of the kitchen. Not a Saucier. Great show.