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  1. Incard

    Galleons of the Garlic Sea

    The Galleons of the Garlic Sea is How-how's malapropistic creation, and possible improvement to the blockbuster Marvel adventure film.
  2. Incard

    Galleons of the Garlic Sea

    I find that the watermarks fit with the spirit of "Galleons of the Garlic Sea"
  3. Incard

    Episode 39.5 — Minisode 39.5

    The central premise is that the judicial system has been replaced by one-man jury/judge/executioner enforcers... yet the plot kicks off with Sly being arrested and given a trial. Arrrg
  4. I'm a new listener to HDTGM, and have caught up on all the episodes currently available on iTunes. Thanks for making this fun show for us Paul, June, Jason and intern I really loved the review of Superman III. I saw this as a kid and had no recollection of how bug-eating insane it is. I especially enjoy the episodes in which a person somehow connected to the production can share their insights. Jack O'Halloran was interesting for that reason. But - was this just me or did he come across as a name-dropping, bragging, hooligan with delusions of grandeur? Despite this, he seemed affable enough. Odd that.
  5. Incard

    Episode 153 — Jing It Or Ding It!

    I laughed so hard at Jing It Or Ding It (JIODI). I think it was the earnestness with which the absurdity of it was approached. The Lightning Round really had me going, and the fact that Forte destroyed the competition. More JIODI, please!