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  1. Jeebies

    Episode 224 — Live From Austin

    I'm bemused at how Neil Campbell has been accosted by teens so frequently. Didn't know there were teens out there willing to bully adults.
  2. Jeebies

    Episode 64 — After Earth

    I love how PFT mentioned the weirdly formal greeting Paul and June give each other at the beginning of the podcast, I've always found that unnerving too.
  3. Jeebies

    Episode 63 — Fast & Furious 6

    I find it kind of hilarious how June has slowly made it obvious that she loves bald men in general. Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, Paul Scheer... Just a funny little quirk that keeps coming up.
  4. Can't help but look at Sean and Connecticut in a whole new light after this sode, guys.
  5. Jeebies

    Episode 21 — Oy Vey

    As someone who grew up with Batman: The Animated Series, I don't know how Hayes and Sean pretended to have liked it when they were kids with such an accurate reference. Those guys are sarcasm wizards.
  6. Jeebies

    Episode 19 — Dating Philosophy

    Damn fine 'sode, Sean. I keep thinking about how the alias of the executive is Bus Stop and crack up all over again. Also, I think you guys need to talk about how Mr. Wonderful is a total garbage human being.
  7. Jeebies

    Best episodes?

    Well, the only issue for me is that it seems like it'll take ages to listen to all of them.
  8. Jeebies

    Best episodes?

    Hey all, I just found out about this podcast a few days ago and I've been loving what I've heard. In particular I've really enjoyed Paul F. Tompkins' various characters. I'd have a hard time "catching up" with the podcast and listening to all the episodes so far, so I was wondering, what are the best ones that I shouldn't miss? I think I'll probably listen to all the segments with PFT's characters, but I don't want to only listen to those since there's a lot more to enjoy. Any input would be much appreciated.