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  1. @the_whiteness soundcloud.com/screch
  2. Amrite? Earwolf listeners? Relate to any of you? Really? Wow.
  3. I'm not sure if this works at all. ho fuck, it's bonobos.com but oh well. benobos redirects to bonobos.
  4. NicholasSchleder

    Episode 119 — LIVE from Vancouver 2013

    Very funny episode, though I was hoping for some pictures to get a feel of how everyone was situated/robs balls
  5. NicholasSchleder

    Jeff Q&A

    I give him permission to steal
  6. NicholasSchleder

    Jeff Q&A

    Jeff - Wouldn't you think that, to add variety to your podcast collection, have a podcast that's focused on real comedians commenting and going in depth on user-submitted jokes or premises? I figure that there's a lot of 'comedy nerds' who listen to your podcasts religiously - and from looking at the highly active Comedy Bang Bang catchphrase submission forum, some of your listeners want to be funny. There can be a podcast where there could be a willing host or a random panel of comedians (2 or 3) reading this stuff of the forums (could be a new ep every 2 weeks so there'd be time to get some good and bad submissions) and commenting on it, giving tips, discussing their methodology with all the comedy terms that nerds get wet over. Also, it would promote user involvement in the forums. I don't know if I got the idea I have out to you well enough - but if you do think it's a good idea then let me know. If it comes to fruition I can help out. Thanks. Nick
  7. NicholasSchleder

    Jeff Q&A

    Jeff, How do you like your coffee? Nick