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  1. Because Netflix for some reason decided to recommend this movie to me based on The Double, I decided to watch the trailer. I immediately decided that this would be perfect for HDTGM. It's a Tony Danza vehicle about a Dad coming to grips with his teenage daughter's burgeoning sexuality and it has a whopping 11% on Rotten tomatoes. This movie is so atrocious that Gene Siskel apparently said he wanted to quit his job as a movie critic because he had to watch it.
  2. I don't know how this masterpiece hasn't already been suggested. An attempted Megan Fox vehicle in which she uses her sexual prowess to eat unsuspecting high school boys. I mean, come on. Featuring such lines as, "you're so jello you're lime green jello" and "How are you going to get alcohol? I'll play Hello Titty with the bartender." This movie needs to be watched by Paul and the gang.
  3. RPete2088

    Episode 109 - FACE OFF: LIVE!

    I have a few observations that weren't made by the podcast crew. In the prison breakout scene, there was an option on the computer called "System Overload" that Cage uses and somehow causes the TVs to explode. What person would ever have that be a thing you could select? When Cage and Joan Allen are in the hospital and they hear Travolta coming, Allen quickly moves to a different curtained off area. What's so baffling about this is that she's treating what I think is a burn victim who is missing HALF THEIR FACE and her way of being inconspicuous is to use a stethoscope. ON A DUDE WITH HALF A FACE. As amazing as that boat chase was, how did no one mention the fact that when the boat jumps through the other boat not only does it explode but it does so with the noise of fireworks going off. I watched the alternate ending and I don't agree with Paul and Jason's conclusion. The whole joint hallucination thing notwithstanding, I think we are supposed to believe that Castor Troy as Travolta managed to survive and come back. Travolta makes a super evil grin as he's hugging Joan Allen as if to say, "I totally got away with this."
  4. RPete2088

    Pacific Rim

    After watching this gem, I immediately had to submit it for a possible HDTGM movie. I don't even have the words to describe it right now I'm still so befuddled. I can just imagine what the gang would say about this film.
  5. RPete2088

    Episode 47 — Super Mario Bros: LIVE

    This is my attempt at reading as far into the script as our lovely hosts do. They talked about how the cars were run on electricity. My brain somehow jumped to the conclusion that since the population evolved from dinosaurs, somehow fossil fuels never came into being and their cars couldn't run on gas. That seems like the same sort of logic used in the rest of this movie, so I can only assume it's right.
  6. RPete2088

    Jennifer's Body (2009)

    And bad writing's precisely what should be celebrated in this podcast.