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  1. Awesome! I really dug his and Kimya Dawson's stuff back in the day... I still have a mix tape in my parent's car that has 'Baby's Gonna Die Tonight' on it that I have to listen to every time I go back home to visit. Also... Thanks, pterodactylcackle... had no idea Adam was on Cash Cab!
  2. DaFunk

    Episode 68 — Feminism

    Eh, I disagree. Playing devil's advocate can be a very good and helpful thing. It allows for view points to be made and addressed (discussed WHY they're bad ideas or assumptions). Additionally, it can spawn ideas and questions regarding angles that have not been previously considered - often times just making the preferred opinion even stronger. There's really nothing wrong with addressing an issue or idea from all angles - even if some of those angles or horribly hateful or naive. Though, granted... Sometimes people are just being dicks - or they ARE masking their own opinions - but I feel this isn't the aim for many people that play devil's advocate. Personally, I usually play devil's advocate briefly just to gauge how thoughtful the person was with their expressed opinion... Or how consistent/inconsistent their beliefs or opinions are. Maybe that makes me a dick... I dunno.
  3. DaFunk

    Episode 89 — Grown-Up Laughs

    Wow! I had no idea Chelsea had anything to do with www.blackpeopleloveus.com until I just did some Googling... Even with her picture being in the testimonials that I've looked at a number of times in the past decade, I hadn't realized. That site is hilarious... As is she.
  4. DaFunk

    Episode 168 — Breaking Bread

    Molested, huh? I'm sorry to hear it.
  5. DaFunk

    Episode 164 — Clifton Was Here

    Yeah... I realized a day or two later that the link stopped working. Sadly, much deeper digging or torrenting seems to be required to view it. I'm bummed... Any Clifton fan would have LOVED it.
  6. DaFunk

    Episode 58 — Legends

    Blast! Apparently I missed David in Portland... considering it's the 26th now...
  7. DaFunk

    Episode 164 — Clifton Was Here

    I think the best Tony Clifton thing (for me) was the little known 'People's Court'-esque show he did called 'Stormy Justice with Tony Clifton'. - I bought it on ebay from a seller who claimed to be Zmuda's ex. I finally found it online - Worth a watch for any Clifton fan. http://ubu.com/film/kaufman_stormy.html
  8. DaFunk

    Episode 49 — Perception Pt. 1

    Strong episode despite the lack of Tig. I definitely loved listening to Aaron discuss certain aspects of Mormonism - having grown up in a very Mormon environment myself. Give Tig my love. PS: Despite it only happening a few episodes ago, Kyle's call to Mother HAS to be in the clip show.