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  1. Matt, greetings from Russia! This is the funniest podcast on EW in terms of laugh-per-second and also the most re-listenable. Please keep it up and, if possible, more (TV's) Andy Daly. Also looking forward to the the third coming of the majestic Bjork! May my smallish donation contribute to your noble deed! Regards, Valery, Russia, St Petersburg
  2. VfR

    Episode 72 — Scientific Matter

    Hey from Russia to one of my favourite EW podcasts! Special thanks to Mr Howard 'DBS' Kremer - easily one of the best US comics that I had a pleasure to know, along with Andy Daly, Matt Besser and P.FT. Please keep up your your good megafunny work with the help of Kulap! May my humble donation be some help with it! Looking forward to my flight Moscow-NYC - your 10 episodes will shorten this 10-hour aerial nuisanse. Have a good upcoming SUMMAH! Cheers, Valery from Russia