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  1. Just heard @pattonoswalt name-check @morgan_murphy in the Comedians Of Comedy movie. Missed that the last time I watched it. #nerdingout

  2. OK Twitter, who can explain Florence + The Machine to me? Because to my ears, it sounds like Feist meets Adele, but in a lame new-age way.

  3. Love of my life (no offense, Jessica) http://t.co/z5iut0S

  4. "Clear alcohols are for rich women on diets." -Ron Swanson

  5. Week-old cake for breakfast. #adult

  6. Joined the ranks of adults and got a smartphone. Be proud of me.

  7. Seeing middle-aged women reading bodice-ripper romance novels will never not be weird to me. #porninpublic

  8. So, we have a grill now. #burgers

  9. Just found out that Pontius Pilate is actually pronounced "Punches Pilot." #awesome