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  1. This is called "Amazing Rainbow Plugs Theme" and it's by Scare Quotes. https://soundcloud.com/scarequotes-1/amazing-rainbow-plugs-theme-by-scare-quotes/ Thanks.
  2. scarequotes

    Plugs Theme II

    Here is a plugs theme for you, please credit as "Scare Quotes" https://soundcloud.com/scarequotes-1/plugs-theme-ii
  3. scarequotes

    Episode 161 — Highly Illogical

    Thanks for using my plugs theme. I'm pumped to be famous for exactly one week. So far I have zero new Twitter followers but I'm sure this is just a clerical error.
  4. My plugs theme is called "Uh Plugs Yeah Plugs" You can credit it to Scare Quotes, I have music on Bandcamp at http://scarequotes.bandcamp.com, and my twitter is @NickFictionPhd if you want to mention it. Big fan of the show, first plugs theme submission. http://soundcloud.com/scarequotes-1/uh-plugs-yeah-plugs