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  1. Thank you. What a great bonus episode. Y,ITR is definitely the worst show on Earwolf. Matt's well on the way to having the best podcast in the universe.
  2. That was a fun episode, I forgot how great Karen is. It's hard to believe that it's already been a year of getting essentially four Sklars a week. So Wayne can still urinate... sounds more like a golden lining than a silver one... Zoom!
  3. While I4H is consistently hilarious & enjoyable, whenever there's an episode with another original Brigadier, it's particularity awesome. I liked that although Amy played a character in one of the earlier scenes that was mocking people who study philosophy, at the end she went on to talk about the existentialist idea that all we have is now, and how we don't have much power over what happens in the world & to us, but we do have control of how we choose to respond to it. The trope of the college philosophy student mindlessly doubting everything comes from people that we've all met. But it's just like the relatively small proportion of Atheists (or any members of a stereotyped group) who happen to give the rest of us a bad name by being especially loud yet idiotic. It was satisfying, after the pseudo-philosophical dipshit character, that Amy went on to talk about a salient philosophical paradigm. And that's one of the many reasons why I love you guys.
  4. I'd like to share with you the words Paul F Tompkins once said when I told him that a Tompkast episode was the best birthday gift of the year, "Well happy birthday, I'm glad you like the podcast." (He's super nice IRL) So happy birthday wishes by proxy to you from the ghost of PFT, as portrayed by Dame Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, as portrayed by -TWIST- Paul F Tompkins himself!
  5. Really great episode. It's nice to finally get an Improv4Huebels. Any possibility of having PFT on an episode? He's super funny, as everyone knows, but I'm not sure if Matt thinks his improv style would fit I4H. I think it would, but what do I know?
  6. kpols

    Episode 198 β€” Aren't You Glad

    The Youtube Video Podcast Network thing is a good idea but there's a fatal flaw-- when it streamed live on Thursday night, it seemed like most people had trouble with the buffering. Based on the live comments and decreasing number of viewers after two minutes in, the buffer issue wasn't solely a problem on the user end due to a slow connection. As you know, timing is everything in comedy, so when it pauses every six seconds, it becomes unwatchable. I'm not complaining, I just wanted to bring this to the attention of the Earwolf management to see if it could be corrected in order to increase viewership. I appreciate all the quality entertainment produced by this fine network and I guess I'll just continue to listen to CBB on Monday mornings like a normal person.
  7. It's a St. Election's Day miracle! Thanks Matt for expressing more eloquently and hilariously than I can about how infuriating it is to debate people who don't accept logic, facts, and reality, yet are convinced that they're always right. SNL cast members of the '90's have a tendency to go off the deep end (though Tim Meadows is still awesome as ever). Crossballs was a great show. If you could bring that format back in any way, shape, or form, people would enjoy it very much indeed.
  8. Another great episode of ImprovXHumans! It's the rainbarrel of Earwolf.
  9. kpols

    Episode 55 β€” Music Vol 1

    I love Kyle's Bill Maher impression. Please keep it coming.
  10. kpols

    Episode 161 β€” Highly Illogical

    Do they have lower case letters in Canada?
  11. kpols

    Episode 96 β€” Hotzi

    Finally caught United Stats of America. It's the best show that the History Channel has had in many years. And Man-zooks on the podcast? Bonus!
  12. Sean and Danielle are always great. I Love this podcast so much!
  13. kpols

    Episode 158 β€” Words with Friends

    They would have such beautiful children. Earwolf community, let's mate this happen
  14. kpols

    Episode 74 β€” Engorged Heart Clit

    Hurray, Rob Delaney- a normal size Peter Dinklage
  15. kpols

    Episode 156 β€” Anniversary Party!

    Great show! Marissa is asian. Her name's Melissa.