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    Episode 50 — Gravity

    havent even listened to the episode yet and from the only commenter the religion thing is brought up again... Really is there any subject where you guys aren't going to make David do cartwheels? There are millions of trained theologians and philosophers out there. @Jookerson Being an Atheist doesn't make you a scientist, clearly from your assertion from a single piece of evidence you are not a scientist. The rest of your article has links showing it isn't a clear causation it is at best a social correlation. Dawkins is a pop writer he isn't a good scientist and hes an even worse philosopher. Interesting that you would reference the big bang theory (developed by a priest) and evolution (Gregor Mendel was a monk and responsible for half of the modern synthesis). You are falling into the modern false dichotomy of science vs. religion. Science is the best system that can help us develop an understanding of the natural material world. It is not a life style or philosophy, capital "A" atheists always conflate a philosophy with the totality of science. "But simplifying that vast realm of the unknown into a simplistic patriarchal 'god' figure-a concept that was conceived of during more primitive times-just doesn't make sense to me. " Guessing that the whole point David was making (having not listened yet taking a stab at it) was that stating explicitly that there is definitively no God or gods is intrinsically unscientific because science requires the door for further evidence to always be left open. You personally just assumed that the only religious explanation is "Simplistic patriarchal", did you ever even bother looking for evidence that that isn't the basis of religions? Say Buddhism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Ba'hai, oh and Judaism and most of Christianity. The big man in the sky thing is a demonstration of a weak understanding of the Abrahamic religions it gets trotted out any time someone wants to slyly use an ad hominem argument to dismiss an entire field of thought.
  2. SiSapisSisApis

    Episode — Perception Pt. 2

    Yeah i appreciate the free roaming podcast but every episode seems to get to Aaron defending the entirety of religion. This isn't a "science" podcast (as referred by previous poster) so if the idea of spirituality, religion, mysticism, etc. is so captivating devote an episode to that. The false dichotomy of "SCIENCE!" vs. "Religion" is getting tired. (is/ought fallacy anyone? its only two+ centuries old) The simplistic view of religion held by the blastronauts names not ending in -aron really does a disservice to the subject. Constant references to creationism and biblical literalism just so how little understanding of religions (and science, evolution, cosmology) they possess. The premise of the podcast has a huge umbrella, if the hosts would reach out to experts beyond those they personally have met it could really explode. The humor lightens the mood of serious discussion and keeps anyone from getting too caught up in their pov. Its a great mix yet to be realized. The crew could easily reach out to local experts in the major religions and im sure they would be accommodating. It is recorded in one of the largest most cosmopolitan cities in the world. No offense but someone who took some classes in college does not make them an authority even if they happen to be funny comedians/comediennes. Self described you are a podcast on philosophy, theology, and science; however you have had maybe a total of two episodes about theology of 50 and thats stretching it to include "enlightenment" and "afterlife" which aren't strictly theological.