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    Episode 64 — After Earth

    According to wikipedia this movie was apparently originally conceived after Will Smith watched an episode of I Shouldn't Be Alive, and was going to be about a father and son involved in a car crash in a remote mountain region and the son having to go and get help. I feel like that could've been a GOOD MOVIE. Drop all the sci-fi nonsense that doesn't add up, and actually let Will Smith be a human being with emotions, and I think that would've been a watchable movie. I Shouldn't Be Alive is fucking gripping, I'm not going to lie I cry almost every time I watch that show, so if they could've replicated that instead of deciding to turn it into a sci-fi epic for what seems like no reason, I think that could've had something. This movie felt like a big budget excuse for Will Smith to preach some of his esoteric philosophies.
  2. thestray

    Space Jam (1996)

    Roger Rabbit came out in the late 80's and Space Jam came out in the late 90's,
  3. thestray

    Episode 223 — Roll Over, Seth Rogen

    If this was the only type of episode CBB was going to be doing, I would feel the need to complain, but since it's just a once in a while thing it doesn't really bother me at all. I thought it was an enjoyable light-hearted interview. I laughed a lot. There's an episode every week, and the multi-guest/character format doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, so I don't know why people are so critical of this kinda once in a while thing.
  4. thestray

    Drive (2011)

    I think a good HDTGM is not just any movie you disliked, but something that will provide the podcast with an hour plus of fodder for amusing conversation. Drive, love it or hate it, I don't think there's a lot funny to say about it.
  5. thestray

    Foodfight! (2012)

    I don't think they go and watch the movie, but I have to think that at some point they at least see a trailer or promotional art or something and then realize it's not the quality animation they were probably imagining in their heads. You're probably right though, someone like Charlie Sheen probably doesn't even remember doing this job the day after.
  6. thestray

    Foodfight! (2012)

    My favorite thing about really shitty animated movies is imagining the actors' reactions when they see the finished product. Because they likely had NO idea it was going to look like this. I'm sure they were all in those recording booths thinking they're lending their voices to a Pixar/Dreamworks level production. Then it turns out to be this hideous garbage.
  7. thestray

    Episode 28 — Searching The Skiff

    This podcast is SO FUN! I love having this totally unpredictable sci-fi/fantasy epic in my brain every week. It's such a unique experience listening to this.
  8. thestray

    Con Air.

    Yes. That's all I have to say. Yes.
  9. thestray

    Van Helsing (2004)

    People can make fun of whatever they want, I was just saying you missed a part of that scene that invalidates what you thought was funny about it. Which is not a dig on you or anything, because it's easy to miss that kinda stuff in these poorly written poorly edited movies. This movie is a garbage fest that does a piss-poor job at being coherent.
  10. thestray

    Van Helsing (2004)

    I don't know, I don't think it's so absurd that they knew the bad guys would be on their tail so they set a trap. *shrug* I mean, I just think of all the things that occur in that movie, planting some explosives in a carriage seems to probably be the least weird thing that happened. As for Iron Man 3, I think you're mixing up the science of things you understand with the fake science of things that don't exist. I don't think it's so much "stupid" as it is just fictional. There's no such thing as Extremis, it's fictional super science created by fictional super scientists, of course it's going to behave in ways that defy the conventions of established real science, that's kind of the point, it's science fiction. You can't have guys flying around in suits of armors and super powered humans who breath fire without taking some liberties with science. More importantly the explosion illustrated a point, that this stuff makes organic things explode, which was the crux of the movie, and provided a humorous scene. I love sci-fi but I think often people get too wrapped up in the sci part and forget the fi part.
  11. thestray

    A Sound of Thunder (2005)

    You've made the same mistake I did! There's already a thread http://forum.earwolf.com/topic/4024-a-sound-of-thunder/
  12. thestray

    Van Helsing (2004)

    Hate to be a party pooper, but there actually were explosives in that carriage, the carriage was a decoy with explosives in it. As for Iron Man 3 that was also explained in the movie, it was grown with some experimental unstable form of extremis.
  13. thestray

    Episode 63.5 — Minisode 63.5

    We should join forces, with your tale-weaving and imagination and my complete lack of scruples, together we can rule the world!
  14. thestray

    The Island of Dr Moreau

    I haven't seen this since I was very young, and I remember liking it, bu Same. I feel like I liked pretty much anything with special effects makeup and prosthetics. I just liked looking at the animal people. I'd definitely revisit this film as an adult if they did an episode on it.
  15. thestray

    Timecop (1994)

    It depends on how you define good? I think a huge chunk of his films succeed at being super entertaining and engaging. I would say yes, he's made a bunch of good movies.
  16. thestray

    Cemetery Man

    Oh, I forgot to mention the whole thing's on youtube: http://youtu.be/fzU0I9KNxl0
  17. thestray

    Vampires (1998)

    Searched this to see if it had been suggested. Has anybody mentioned yet that the main vampire looks like Tommy Wiseau?
  18. I think there's anything to be learned from this, it's chill out dudes.
  19. thestray

    The Golden Child (1986)

    It's a serious story with a fun main character. This is honestly one of my favorite movies.
  20. thestray

    After Earth

    God damn you guys. I had no intention of seeing this movie, but the more people say DON'T see it, the more curious I become. It's something I can't help. It's like when people say don't look down in movies. I gotta look down! AAAAAHHHH I'M FALLING TO MY DEATH NOOOOWWW! Will Smith is legitimately one of my favorite actors, I guess the goodwill of Fresh Prince, Independence Day, etc will never really wear off for me, and I'll also never not respect him for being a black man who managed to make himself one of the biggest movie stars ever. I think unfortunately the same thing that made him a big star; choosing movies he thinks follow a pattern, is what's now killing that career. He needs to take more risks, be a little less calculated, and start picking films more for how good the scripts are and not for how prominent his part will be and what trends the movie follows. Get it together Will!
  21. thestray

    Superman Returns (2006)

    The reveal of Super son really bothered me, because given Superman and Lois' interactions in the movie I don't believe for a second they could've ever possibly had sex. Is it just me or did they just not have the chemistry or familiarity of past lovers AT ALL? They seem like old acquaintances at best. But the film was also just disappointing because most of the Superman action consisted of Superman lifting or catching things. The coolest part of the movie is in the trailer, when a bullet crushes against his eyeball. I don't think the movie is as terrible as people make it out to be, it's mainly just a really dull film, and when you go to a Superman movie you expect to have at least a little fun and excitement. I know there are some detractors when it comes to Man of Steel, and who knows if it'll be any good, and I agree we don't need to see the origin story of a character practically the entire world knows the origin of, but it looks like it'll at least be a fun popcorn flick. A "CGI crazy whizbang summer blockbuster" is precisely what I hope it'll be.
  22. I'm pretty sure Paul and the gang have mentioned this movie more than once, so they're definitely aware of it, I have a feeling though that they've watched the trailer and can just not bring themselves to want to watch this. Or maybe I'm just projecting, because that's definitely how I feel.
  23. thestray

    The ButterCream Gang (1992)

    Ohhhh shiiiit. Thanks for suggesting this one because I had totally forgot about it. I had this on VHS when I was maybe around 13, and I think this might actually be my first "so bad it's good" film ever, because I remember thinking it was really stupid but watching it over and over anyway because it made me laugh. To the best of my recollection it was about a "gang" of kids who do good deeds in the neighborhood. Helping old ladies and stuff like that. One day their leader moves away, and years later he returns as a bad kid who's gotten mixed up with a REAL gang... The Blades.
  24. Why are you still trying to illicit a conversation about Freakdance? Nobody asked you how you felt about Freakdance. Nobody cares how you feel about Freakdance. Freakdance was not a topic of discussion. Just because you feel like talking about how much you hate Freakdance doesn't mean anybody is obligated to indulge in your bullshit discussion. That's the conversation YOU want to have, Freakdance is not the pressing issue here though, the pressing issue is why is some dude being an asshole for no good reason. Can you understand how you're being an asshole? You came here and out of the blue took an unprovoked jab at something someone put work into and is proud off. Can you not see how that is an extremely dickish thing to do? Honestly, when else is that kind of behavior acceptable or even defensible? Seriously, what kind of shit is that? Who raised you? Serious question, do you have some kind of neurological disorder? Because autism seems like the only GOOD explanation for your actions, this would all make sense if you just have trouble understanding how to interact with people.