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    Iron Man 3

    Agreed. I don't think killing Pepper would've been interesting at all. Killing off women to serve as a character turning point for the male is such an overused cliche for heroes. I thought it was much cooler that she survived and not only kicked some ass but defeated the main villain. It would've been great if she didn't have to be the damsel in distress the rest of the time.
  2. thestray

    Good Burger (1997)

    NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Good Burger is great! It's just as crazy as a comedic Nickelodeon movie based on a recurring sketch should be. I've seen this movie as an adult and still enjoy it.
  3. thestray

    Iron Man 3

    This is not directed at you or anyone here, but I just want to say that while there are definitely some bitchy comic book nerds, I feel like there are also just as many who are bitchy towards comic book nerds for just having an opinion. I feel like any time someone who likes comics has a negative opinion about a comic book movie they're automatically characterized as some irrational fanboy, even if they're stating their opinion in a reasonable way. I'm just saying it goes both ways. Nerds can be unnecessarily vehement and contentious in their opinions, but people also lump all nerds together and hate on too quickly. *SPOILERS* I admit I was disappointed by the twist. The best way I can explain it is imagine if you watched The Dark Knight and Heath Ledger's Jokers turned out to be just some hapless actor being paid by Ra's Al Ghul. Wouldn't that kind of be a bummer to see The Joker reduced to just a hoax? Would it make you feel better if Ra's Al Ghul said "I'VE been the Joker all this time!"? Not really right? Because Ra's Al Ghul paying some dummy to be the Joker is not as interesting as the actual Joker, who is THE Batman villain. By presenting The Mandarin as the movie's main villain, they promised the fans something they didn't really deliver. When they first announced the Mandarin I thought oh shit, this is going to be good. Just on the merit of what The Mandarin is capable of that the promised some really interesting sequences. I was eager to see how they were going to pull off such a powerful character with so many abilities on screen. But you know, I get it, I think it worked in the context of the film and was really clever. I really enjoyed the movie. I just wish they hadn't called that character the Mandarin and had me hoping to see something more amazing than what they delivered. I think it's reasonable for comic book fans to be disappointed when they were bait and switched, and people should chill out acting like everybody who was disappointed is just a whiny fanboy.
  4. Interesting, that's what I figured. Improv classes are definitely on my agenda when it's something I can afford. In the mean time I actually know a few people who have graduated from 401 UCB classes, so I'm going to incessantly bug them to teach me everything they know.
  5. I've noticed this is a common way for Matt to start scenes. For instance most often he'll be a teacher or school official and the other performers will be students who have been kicked out of class for being a disturbance, and Matt will ask them to one by one explain what their individual issues were. Comedy ensues. I've never studied improv so I was wondering if this is a common improv game or way into scenes, or if this is purely a Matt specific thing? Just curious. Either way it's pretty clever and always makes for some great heightening.
  6. Matt I think it's a combination of you being really accessible and willing to engage with people, plus seeming to have an acerbic personality that makes them feel you're open season. Your honest and take a hard stance on the things that you think are wrong, I think people who attack you have a "if you can dish it out" mentality. If you weren't so frequently speaking your mind I'd think there'd be less hate. That's not a suggestion, because I don't think you should ever stop standing up for things and doing it on your podcast, that's just my assessment of the doo-doo-heads who go after you with unnecessary snark.
  7. What surprises me the most is not how dickish people can be, but how SHOCKED they are when they're called out for being a dick. Like BagguhMcGuirk said it's the same in the Comedy Bang Bang boards (and probably other boards here too), people feel the need t be unnecessarily snarky, and then play the victim like "Oh gee, I guess you can't have an opinion around here!" Sure you can have an opinion around here, even a negative one, but if you're being a dick people are going to tell you you're being a dick, and that shouldn't surprise you. I saw some vicious road rage yesterday, two dudes in their SUVs cursing at each other and threatening to beat the shit out of each other. I think the internet is the same way. Being in tons of steel emboldens people, and turns them into psycopaths in trivial situations. Being on the internet, where you know nobody can hurt you and there are next to no serious consequences for the way you treat people emboldens people to talk to anyone however they want with complete disregard for how that person may feel about it.
  8. I'm a fan of both Marc and Michael, but in my opinion neither of them really "won" in that Twitter exchange. No matter who had the better burns they just come off as two petty and childish adults having a pointless pissing match. I felt embarrassed for both of them the entire time. The improv was great this episode. I love when a callback works it's way perfectly into other scenes. This episode was a perfect example of that. Everything connected.
  9. thestray

    End Of Watch

    Ahhhhhkinda liked it.
  10. thestray

    Cabin Fever (2002)

    This was definitely one of those "Wtf did I just watch?" movies for me. This movie is so weird, I could not get what this movie was going for at all, it felt like it was just trying to be a shitty movie on purpose. It was more surreal than actually scary or funny.
  11. thestray

    Behind the Candelabra

    Confession: I have no idea who Liberace is/was. The only reason I know his name is from tv shows using it as a gay punchline since before I can remember. Literally all I know about him is that he was apparently a flamboyant gay person from the past. So, it will be interesting to watch this movie having practically no preconceived notions or context. I'm super curious to learn about him.
  12. thestray

    Transporter 2 (2005)

    The best part of this movie is that he has some small bomb strapped to the bottom of his car, and to get it off he drives off a ramp flipping his car upside down, and somehow manages to perfectly line up the bomb with a crane hook that scrapes the bomb off just as it explodes, then the car lands back on it's tires without a scratch and he continues driving. I fucking LOST. MY. SHIT. at that scene, I could not stop laughing, it's just the most implausible shit. No matter how great of a driver you are there's no conceivable way you could pull off a maneuver like that. I also love that Statham is prone to just casually jumping out of windows on upper floors of buildings, just confident that he'll figure out how to survive once he's in the air, which of course he does. He does things no sane person would think to do, and pulls it off through pure luck. It's as if his character knows he's in a movie and uses it to his advantage Last Action Hero style.
  13. thestray

    Series of Unfortunate Events

    I've never read the books, so I can't comment on that, but I really liked this movie, full stop. I also kinda disagree with your point about comedians too though. I don't think any of those guys least successful movies came down to their "hammy tendencies", but down to poorly conceived films with poor scripts. I don't think it's their performances not being reigned in that results it's in disaster, just that great comedy writers/directors in film are just few and far between, in my opinion. Carrey, Myers, and Ferrell, as performers, I think when they have good material that plays to their strengths are brilliant. Will Ferrell in my opinion never disappoints even when his films do, and for me that's rarely.
  14. thestray

    Episode 63 — Fast & Furious 6

    That's fine. I guess just don't mind that at all. I enjoy the episodes just as much even when I'm not on the same wavelength as them.
  15. thestray

    Episode 63 — Fast & Furious 6

    That's interesting because I thought Fast and the Furious 5 was a waste of time, but I still enjoyed the episode they did about it. I don't feel like I have to enjoy the movie they're reviewing or even feel the same way they feel about it. Their take on a movie, and their interaction with eachother is always entertaining to me regardless of the movie. Just me?
  16. thestray

    Episode 63 — Fast & Furious 6

    I have to admit the last time the gang did The Fast and Furious 5 I just didn't get it. That movie just wasn't that fun to me, I don't have "refined tastes", I like ridiculous action movies, but I thought FF5 was just mediocre and the action sequences didn't do much for me. I thought this one would be more of the same so I was kinda dreading watching it a little bit, and oh boy, I really enjoyed this one. Maybe not as much as Paul and the gang, but it was a lot of fun. I've never given a shit about this franchise, the few of them I've seen I've thought were boring and dumb. This one really hit the spot. Now that I know Jason Statham is joining the fray in the next one I'm really looking forward to that. The Rock vs Statham??? That shit's going to be insane!!! I have to say though I would rather Statham's character end up being The Transporter than Chev Chelios. The Transporter's whole thing is driving cars! Fun episode.
  17. thestray

    Episode 221 — The Cake Council

    IT'S BEEN too long Cake Boss (cake boss)! Also, IT'S BEEN too long since Ice-T made an appearance. I need to know what entrepreneurial endeavors Ice-T has been up to.
  18. thestray

    Episode 221 — The Cake Council

    I'm a huge Paul F Tompkins fan, so I started off listening to Comedy Bang Bang by downloading and listening to all his episodes first (I kinda start most comedy podcasts that way). Cake Boss has such a fun ongoing mythology to him, and PFT's impression has gotten progressively more cartoonish and silly over the years (which he pokes fun at in this episode). I'm kinda amazed at how he's created this fun loveable character out of some forgettable sorta obscure cable tv reality star. You're in for a lot of fun going back and listening to previous PFT appearances, for Cake Boss and all his other characters too.
  19. thestray

    Star Trek: Into Darkness

    in front of or behind the camera? Also, dick move putting your spoiler alert at the END of your post. Boooo!
  20. thestray


    Nah, I don't think so. I think he's pretty versatile, he doesn't have to be super obtuse to be funny. I think a lot of the things he already does would be pretty SNL friendly. I could see him as Huell Howser on Weekend Update pretty easily.
  21. thestray

    The Marine (2006)

    Bumping this thread because this movie DEFINITELY needs to be done.
  22. Curiously left out June!
  23. thestray

    Warm Bodies

    I love that "Thrilling" has no credit after it. "Thrilling" says a person from somewhere at some point in time!
  24. thestray

    Warm Bodies

    I just watched it the other day and I kinda agree with Jizzo that it's a turd. I kinda like the idea behind it, telling a zombie story through the zombie's perspective, and having a human/zombie romance, I think there was a lot of things they could've done with that. It could've been a lot better if they pushed the comedy and horror further, because I found this movie neither funny nor scary, it just felt like another bland teen romance about mismatched lovers. People swore up and down that it wasn't like Twilight, but to me it felt almost exactly like Twilight, human and monster fall in love, lots of nonsensical unexplained alterations to the genre's lore, overt music every 15 seconds, and tons of plotholes. I definitely felt like I was watching meant more for 15yr old girls than it was for me. It's an okay movie if you're just really into watching kids fall in love to a nice soundtrack, it didn't seem to have much else going for it, in my opinion. That being said I don't know if it's so much a good HDTGM movie, I found it more boring than anything else. If you want to see a good romantic zomedy, try 1993's My Boyfriend's Back, which has Matthew Fox and Phillip Seymour Hoffman as highschool bullies.
  25. thestray

    Mystery Men (1999)

    All that being said, if they did this movie it's not like I would complain. When I really think about it I'd probably enjoy them talking about any movie good or bad, they're just a fun bunch to listen to.